Accessing support for mental health issues the right way

Source- WHO

By Deepti Sikka

MELBOURNE: Good Mental health is a state of wellbeing wherein an individual is in control of the stresses of life. The emotional wellbeing of a person has a direct correlation with health. The more a person is in control of their mental health the more they are in control of their physical wellbeing.

In the current pandemic situation, which has impacted millions of people across the World in varying ways, a concerning impact that has been left is on the general wellbeing. Individuals are experiencing high levels of fear, anxiety, and financial stress like never before. Mental Health conditions are causing distress and in turn affecting people’s ability to function in all spheres of life, impacting their relationships and how they relate with others in society.
Hospitals are recording a high number of patients being admitted for mental issues, social isolation has affected people in different ways. Loneliness and social distancing have had a significant impact on individuals and are critically becoming a health crisis.

“Mental Health in Australia,” says, almost half of all Australians aged 16 to 85 years — 7.3 million people — will experience mental illness at some point in their life. The most common conditions are:
• anxiety
• affective disorders, especially depression
• substance use disorders,

People with pre-existing anxiety and other psychological disorders are at risk of experiencing higher nervousness levels and would require more support and professional help. Other high-risk groups would include health care workers and the unemployed workforce.
These uncertain whiles have brought economic instability, an increasing number of people are losing their source of income, job insecurity is leading to higher levels of stress.

Depression and anger are on the rise leading to a risk of further deterioration of mental health. Economic hardship and financial stress have started taking a serious toll on our emotional wellbeing.

In these crucial times, the National Mental Health Commission has welcomed the Federal Government’s mental health response to COVID-19, with an initial commitment of $74million, as essential mental health services and support for all Australians. In addition to the grant, the Government has also introduced telehealth measures that will ensure Australians needing support can access it both online and face to face.

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