How is COVID-19 changing democracy

Hungarian President, Viktor Orban. Photo- DiEM25 By SAT Newsdesk/medianet MELBOURNE, 20 MAY 2020: THE COVID-19 pandemic has been battering the world hurting life, economies, and social life. Even the political systems are affected. NSW researcher Dr. Carolien van Ham says authoritarian regimes are using the pandemic as a way to […]

The world agreed to a coronavirus inquiry. Just when and how, though, are still in dispute

By Adam Kamradt-Scott* Only once before has the World Health Organisation held its annual World Health Assembly during a pandemic. The last time it happened, in 2009, the influenza pandemic was only in its first weeks – with far fewer deaths than the world has seen this year. And never […]

LITERATURE: Walking Over Water: Do you see, what I see?

By Prasanti Banerjee* hey say “the art of art, the glory of expression, and the sunshine of the light of letters is simplicity.” And indeed, there is something mystic about simplicity. And watching “Walking Over Water” was a similar kind of experience for me. It was earthy and fresh. A […]

Recession, job losses, another pandemic and protectionism are top worries, says World Economic Forum report

By SAT News Desk GENEVA, 19 May 2020: Economic distress and social discontent will rise over the next 18 months unless world leaders, businesses, and policy-makers work together to manage the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. As economies restart, there is an opportunity to embed greater societal equality and sustainability […]

Victorian seniors festival streamed direct into homes

By SAT News Desk MELBOURNE, 19 May 2020: In its 38th year, the Victorian Seniors Festival is returning in a new digital format streamed directly into the homes of more than one-million Victorian seniors. Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers Luke Donnellan today officially launched the Victorian Seniors Festival Reimagined […]