REVIEW: Shira Haas’s ‘Unorthodox’ & ‘Queen’ Kangana Ranaut’s flight to freedom

By Neeraj Nanda MELBOURNE, 4 April 2020: In 2014 when ‘Queen’ was released and today (2020) have about six years in between but ‘Queen’ on the big screen and ‘Unorthodox ‘on Netflix, with its four episodes, crisscross paths where patriarchy remains a driving force and the protagonists choose the path […]

Australia asks international students to ‘rely on family support, part-time work where available and their own savings to sustain themselves in Australia’

By SAT News Desk MELBOURNE, 4 Apri 2020: Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Australia wants its 565,000 international students to fend for themselves. The government says in a press statement, “As part of their visa application, international students have had to demonstrate that they can support themselves completely in their first […]

Bamera Male: The most sought after Tiger of Bandhavgarh

Photo: Supplied. By Aslam Warsi NEW DELHI,29 March 2020: Bamera Male. The name itself would send a shiver down my spine. Shiver not of fright, but of anticipation- borne first of an intense desire to meet him (from a safe distance) and then of a few electrifying encounters I had […]

Brazil’s president attacks media instead of combatting COVID-19

By SAT News Desk MELBOURNE, March 31, 2020: Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s shockingly irresponsible and inflammatory verbal attacks on the media as he continues to deny the importance of the coronavirus epidemic, although it has affected Brazil more than any other country in Latin America. […]

Dandenong COVID-19 $ 4 m relief package includes rate discount & rent relief

By SAT News Desk MELBOURNE, 1 April 2020: The City of Greater Dandenong has unveiled a $4 million relief package to help its most vulnerable community members during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Council has introduced a series of measures to ease the financial burden on its residents and ratepayers. The […]