Fiji expels New Zealand diplomat

Fiji’s post-coup leadership has expelled New Zealand’s top diplomat, accusing him of interfering in the country’s domestic affairs. The interim government said “provisions remain open” for New Zealand to replace Michael Green as high commissioner. But Wellington reacted with fury at the expulsion, and warned Fiji that there would be […]

Nepal Parliament gets power to abolish monarchy

Parliament in Nepal has given itself the power to abolish the monarchy if King Gyanendra interferes in constituent elections due in November. Parliament passed the constitutional amendment late on Wednesday. It requires a two-thirds majority to end the monarchy. The king has become increasingly sidelined since being forced to restore […]

G-8 Summit: China-India refuse to be taken for a ride

By Kalyani Shankar Are the two Asian giants, India and China, coming closer? Has expediency brought them together in their fight against the industrialised countries? The G 8 watchers at Heiligendamm summit could not miss the new alliance forged by the two to oppose the efforts of developed countries to […]

Nepal Maoists ask youth not to join UK or Indian armies

By Ashish Biswas KOLKATA: Nepali youths should not join the British or Indian armies as fighting Gurkha soldiers anymore, according to the Maoists, who are now a part of the government in the Himalayan kingdom. Instead, they should get opportunities to fulfill their ambitions at home. Press reports from Kathmandu […]

Viewpoint: Need to scrap Koodankulam N-project in Tamilnadu

Preventing a Nuclear disastor By Praful Bidwai India has come to treat World Environment Day, June 5, as a mere ritual, involving lip service to the cause of environmental protection while promoting policies and activities that are ecologically thoroughly unsound. On the eve of the G-8 summit, our government could […]