Himal (June 2007) edition banned in Bangladesh

Anyone in Bangladesh or elsewhere can read the banned Himal (June 2007) edition by clicking on ‘Himal’ (right below) in this site. The issue has many articles on Bangladesh which the military regime in Dhaka is not happy with.

Police evict Tamils from Colombo, bid to stop LTTE infiltration

Colombo: Police in Sri Lanka have forced hundreds of the minority Tamil community out of the capital Colombo for what they say are security reasons. They launched overnight raids in Tamil areas of the city and forced guests staying in budget hotels onto buses. Police said that Tamils who were […]

Three men & one woman executed for adultary in Pakistan

A woman and three men were shot dead in a public execution in a Pakistani village after tribal elders found them guilty of adultery, officials said. The death sentences were ordered by a jirga (council) of elders in the Khyber agency area on the Afghan border. Sex outside marriage is […]

Helping the needy

By Rajeev Sharma In the age when small girls play with dolls, Meenu Saxena had something else in her heart. She was always anxious to do something for the helpless. Her mission began with injured little puppies, left moaning in dust and muck. Small Meenu would take them home and […]

Congress-NCP to form Govt. in Goa

By New Delhi Bureau The Congress- NCP combine is all set to retain power in Goa. Panaji reports indicate that the Congress-NCP combine has won 19 seats in a House of 40 seats. Congress sources have said two independents have already pledged support to the combine. The opposition BJP has […]