The Sugar Free Feast!

By Ravi V. Chhabra New Delhi: An obsessive chef. An Indian restaurant in London. And lots of spice… The canvas comes to life with a perfectionist chef-restaurateur, Amitabh Bachchan instructing his team of men-in-apron the art of turning out the world’s finest Zafrani Biryani! Indeed, the delicacy tempts your senses […]

Sikhs fight French law on turbans

Sikhs have gone to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to challenge a French law banning the wearing of turbans for ID documents. The United Sikhs organisation filed a complaint on behalf of French national Shingara Mann Singh, 52, who was refused a replacement driver’s licence. By law […]

Faith accompli

The Sethusamudram ‘debate’ is about mythology being used once again for political ends By Sitaram Yechury T HE LAST day of the Budget session in Parliament saw heated debates in both Houses on the Sethusamudram Project. This controversy merits a revisit as the debate drifted towards replacing historical inquiry and […]

Hindi Pages (June 2007)

Hindi Pages (June 2007)

Gujarat: Symptoms of Hindu Nation

By Dr. Ram Puniyani Chandra Mohan, a gifted art student of the faculty of arts of Sayajirao Giakwad University, Baroda had to be in jail for five days (May 2007) for the ‘crime’ of painting an assignment for his degree. The problem was that the painting he made was not […]