Hindi Pages (June 2007)

Hindi Pages (June 2007)

Gujarat: Symptoms of Hindu Nation

By Dr. Ram Puniyani Chandra Mohan, a gifted art student of the faculty of arts of Sayajirao Giakwad University, Baroda had to be in jail for five days (May 2007) for the ‘crime’ of painting an assignment for his degree. The problem was that the painting he made was not […]

Chennai Cricket Club bans dhoti

By T M Veeraraghav Chennai: India it appears still has not grown out of its colonial hangover. Chennai’s prestigious cricket club is in the middle of a controversy for disallowing a civil servant entry because he was clad in a veshti – the traditional Tamil attire. But the club maintains […]

Karzai escapes Taliban rockets in Ghazani

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has escaped unhurt after the Taleban fired rockets at a meeting he was addressing in the province of Ghazni. Several rockets were fired but missed their target and nobody was hurt, according to government officials. Some of the audience panicked during the incident, but Mr Karzai […]

Indian PM Manmohan Singh with Russian President V. Putin at G-8

Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh and the Russian President, Mr. Vladimir Putin walk & discuss at the G-8 and Outreach countries meeting, in Heiligendamm, Germany on June 08, 2007. Source: PIB