Nepal Maoists ask youth not to join UK or Indian armies

By Ashish Biswas KOLKATA: Nepali youths should not join the British or Indian armies as fighting Gurkha soldiers anymore, according to the Maoists, who are now a part of the government in the Himalayan kingdom. Instead, they should get opportunities to fulfill their ambitions at home. Press reports from Kathmandu […]

Viewpoint: Need to scrap Koodankulam N-project in Tamilnadu

Preventing a Nuclear disastor By Praful Bidwai India has come to treat World Environment Day, June 5, as a mere ritual, involving lip service to the cause of environmental protection while promoting policies and activities that are ecologically thoroughly unsound. On the eve of the G-8 summit, our government could […]

The Sugar Free Feast!

By Ravi V. Chhabra New Delhi: An obsessive chef. An Indian restaurant in London. And lots of spice… The canvas comes to life with a perfectionist chef-restaurateur, Amitabh Bachchan instructing his team of men-in-apron the art of turning out the world’s finest Zafrani Biryani! Indeed, the delicacy tempts your senses […]

Sikhs fight French law on turbans

Sikhs have gone to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to challenge a French law banning the wearing of turbans for ID documents. The United Sikhs organisation filed a complaint on behalf of French national Shingara Mann Singh, 52, who was refused a replacement driver’s licence. By law […]

Faith accompli

The Sethusamudram ‘debate’ is about mythology being used once again for political ends By Sitaram Yechury T HE LAST day of the Budget session in Parliament saw heated debates in both Houses on the Sethusamudram Project. This controversy merits a revisit as the debate drifted towards replacing historical inquiry and […]