RSS fraud space scientist exposed by Indian Express

Fraud scientist takes RSS for a ride across Lord Rama’s bridge By Shirshir Gupta New Delhi:THE “space scientist” who, for two years, helped the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) formulate its opposition to the Sethusamudram project has turned out to be just like the Sangh’s argument – a fraud. The RSS […]

Omkara – Beedi Song

Howard backs NZ in diplomatic row with Fiji

Australian Prime Minister John Howard has called on Pacific nations to press for the removal of Fiji’s interim regime, following talks with New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark. The two leaders met in Sydney yesterday amid an escalating diplomatic crisis sparked by the expulsion of New Zealand’s high commissioner from […]

Pak pilots to get Slovonia’s bravery award

Two Pakistani pilots who carried out a daring rescue of a mountaineer are to be given Slovenia’s top award for bravery, Pakistani officials say. Slovenian Tomaz Humar got stranded on the western end of the 8,125m Nanga Parbat mountain in the Himalayas two years ago. He remained for around a […]

Rushdie knighted in Queen’s honours list

Salman Rushdie, who went into hiding under threat of death after an Iranian fatwa, has been knighted by the Queen. His book The Satanic Verses offended Muslims worldwide and a bounty was placed on his head in 1989. But since the Indian-born author return to public life in 1999, he […]