Farah’s four-fold excitement

After Shah Rukh Khan saw the final print of Om Shanti Om, he was so impressed that he gave Farah Khan a Mercedes Benz. By Abdulla Mahmood, Gulf News Report Published: November 13, 2007, 00:24 Farah Khan caught the audience’s imagination with her impressive choreography for the Pehla Nasha track […]

CANDID CORNER – Epic revelations: Sexual relationships in the Mahabharata? Read on

By Abhishek Singhvi T HE PERMISSIVENESS of ancient Indian society and their ultra-liberal view on sexual relationships is breathtaking. Nowhere is this better depicted than in the Mahabharata, the greatest epic ever written. Writing in these columns on the katha tradition (January 11, 2006), I had referred to the Mahabharata […]

Man marries bitch (HT Exclusive – Nov. 13,2007)

A MAN has married a dog to atone for his ‘sin’ of killing two dogs 15 years ago. P. Selvakumar (33) married the dog Selvi at a wedding ceremony in the local Ganesh temple in A. Vilathikulam village near Manamadurai of Sivaganga district on Sunday . Selvakumar recalled that 15 […]

‘Saawariya’: Dashing sets & exotic costumes do not make a good movie

By Neeraj Nanda in Melbourne, Australia I was one of the first in the world of around 200 select audience who saw Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Saawariya’ in Melbourne’s Greater Union Cinema on the evening of November7, 2007. There was a queue (it was a free show) for the special show. […]

Emergency in Pakistan

KARACHI – Nov 05: Police beat up a photojournalist during a demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club.—Online LAHORE – Nov 05: A pitched battle between lawyers and police near the Lahore High Court on Monday.—Dawn