Two Pak soldiers killed in NWFP bombing

A roadside bombing in north-western Pakistan has killed two soldiers and injured at least five others, officials have said. The blast hit a convoy of soldiers near the town of Tank, some 70km (44 miles) north west of Dera Ismail Khan, in the North-West Frontier Province. The convoy was reportedly […]

Pakistan Ex-CJ: Courts must be free of executive pressure

Islamabad: Pakistan‘s ex-top judge has addressed thousands of supporters at Islamabad‘s Supreme Court, making a veiled attack on President Pervez Musharraf. Ex-Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry said it was vital to maintain the separation of branches of political power. His last planned address in the city of Karachi earlier in May […]

Shilpa Shetty’s Melbourne Media Conference

Shilpa Storms Australia

By Neeraj Nanda Melbourne: Shilpa Shetty, 31, fresh from the Big Brother and Richard Gere kiss controversy, plays a bored, caring, loving and typical Indian woman in ‘Life in a Metro’(Inspired from the 1960 Oscar winning black and white movie ‘The Apartment’)released recently. “She is also human”, says Shilpa Shetty. […]

150 th anniversary of 1857 – India’s first war of independence

By Neeraj Nanda Melbourne:India and the world are celebrating the 150th anniversary of 1857 – India’s first war of independence. The British colonialists called it a mutiny. The revolt by sections of the British India Army supported by many local rulers in 1857 was a historical start that culminated into […]