Great myths of Indian history

- Who introduced the ‘purdah’ in India? – Who introduced Islam into India? When UPA presidential nominee Pratibha Patil mentioned that the purdah had been in existence since Mughal times, she was being historically inaccurate, but voicing a commonly held misconception. In fact, according to N R Farooqi, professor of […]

Pakistan ‘building new reactor’

Satellite images show that Pakistan is building a nuclear reactor that could be used to produce weapons-grade plutonium, a US watchdog says. It has warned that its construction could contribute to another nuclear arms race with neighbouring India. The Institute of Science for International Security (Isis) says photos taken earlier […]

New Delhi Tit Bits (June 2007)

New Delhi Tit Bits By Rajeev Sharma Poet Neeraj Call it sheer luck. I have had the privilege to personally interact with two of my favourite lyricists. Both are amazing personalities: Gopal Das Neeraj and Gulzar. First, Neeraj. You may recall the romantic songs, most of which are filmed on […]

BBC interview with Sania Mirza

Sania ready for Wimbledon By Piers Newbery She may only be ranked 46 in the world but Sania Mirza will be one of the most scrutinised performers at this year’s Wimbledon. India has had its fair share of tennis stars in the past but until the 20-year-old from Hyderabad arrived […]

1977-2007 : Road to revolution 30 YEARS OF LEFT IN BENGAL

Land reform to industrialisation By Dwaipayan Bhattacharyya THE LEFT Front government’s 30 years in power is a record, not just on the slippery ground of Indian politics but also in electoral politics anywhere in the world. Change and evolution are constants in politics and the CPI(M)-led coalition is no stranger […]