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Photographic & video evidence contradicts Adani Ports denial of ties to Myanmar army: Australian Centre for International Justice

Protest in Australia against Adani ties with Myanmar military

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 1 April 2021: The Australian Centre for International Justice has in a press release in response to Adani Ports’ denying business with the Myanmar army (Adani press release) in response to the release of the report ‘Port of Complicity: Adani Ports in Myanmar’ has said Adani Ports denial is misleading as it fails to disclose ties with the Myanmar army. (Press release)

Relevant facts

• Adani Ports is in direct business with the MEC, a United States’ sanctioned entity.

• On 23 May 2019, Adani Ports entered into a ‘build, operate, transfer’ (BOT) agreement with MEC.

• Adani Ports’ Myanmar subsidiary, the Adani Yangon International Terminal Company Limited, is constructing a container port in Yangon on MEC’s military-owned land.

• Documents from the Yangon Region Investment Commission show Adani Ports is purportedly paying land lease fees of up to US$52 million to MEC, its business partner.

• As is widely and publicly known, and is now acknowledged by US and UK sanctions, revenue from the military’s owned and controlled businesses help contribute to the military’s ability to commit atrocities in Myanmar.

• In August 2018, the UN Human Rights Council with the release of the Fact-Finding Mission’s report, issued a public warning to foreign corporations not to do business with the Myanmar military’s owned and controlled businesses. Some 10 months later, in May 2019, Adani Ports entered into an agreement with MEC, despite this public warning to foreign businesses.

• In April 2019, the UN Human Rights Council issued another warning and passed a resolution reminding foreign corporations, to respect international human rights and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in respect of Myanmar.

• On July 27, 2019, Adani Ports hosted Myanmar’s Commander-in-Chief and MEC leader, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at Mundra Ports, 10 days after the US barred his entry into the US citing his role in the military’s campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya. The atrocity crimes of the military, led by Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, are being investigated at the ICJ and ICC in The Hague.

• In September 2019, after being listed in the UN Human Rights Council’s Fact-Finding Mission Report, Adani Ports remained silent about this public listing, even while other corporations listed in the FFM’s report, commenced a review of their business operations, and ultimately disengaged from the military-owned businesses in Myanmar.

• In February 2021, Adani Ports stated that it categorically denied engaging with the military leadership. This was contradicted by photographic and video evidence.

The Australian Centre for International Justice and Justice report on Myanmar has called on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and BSE to take regulatory action against Adani Ports, by requiring the company to respond to Port of Complicity in full and to disclose to shareholders its business links to the Myanmar military and the associated risks, including the implications of US sanctions against Adani Ports’ business partner, MEC. Regulatory action would follow a precedent set by the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), which initiated regulatory action against Emerging Towns and Cities Singapore (ETC) for land lease payments to the Myanmar army.

Ahsan Haque from the Burmese Rohingya Community in Australia says, “It doesn’t inspire confidence in me, that the Adani Group claims to uphold human rights while it is still in business with military conglomerate, MEC. Adani Ports didn’t think about the human rights of the Rohingya when it went into business with MEC, a company led by General Min Aung Hlaing, who ordered genocide against my people, or when it rolled out the red carpet to him even while the whole world was beginning to act against the generals for the military’s crimes. MEC financed genocide against my people; no claims about respecting human rights are going to change that fact. Adani Ports has no choice but to end its business with the military, and because it still denies its business with MEC, we call on investors to act and divest from Adani Ports.”

Yadanar Maung, spokesperson for Justice For Myanmar says, “Adani Ports is complicit in the commission of atrocity crimes in Myanmar. Not only has the Myanmar military killed over 530 people protesting the military junta since the February 1 coup, but they are also conducting airstrikes against innocent villagers in ethnic areas that constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity. Adani Ports has shown a repeated failure to take responsibility and to be truthful, so it is time the BSE and NSE take action against Adani Ports. The Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) has taken regulatory action against Singapore listed company ETC for a similar lease deal with the Myanmar military and we urge the BSE and NSE to take lessons from the SGX and act urgently. Action is critical now that the Myanmar military is violating international human rights and humanitarian law, by using most lethal weapons against civilians.”

Australian Govt invests taxpayers money in Adani’s Carmichael coal project: Stop Adani


By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 16 December 2020: The ‘Stop Adani’ environment organization has alleged: “Australia’s sovereign wealth fund, the Future Fund, is investing taxpayer money in an Adani Group company that is funding critical aspects of the controversial Carmichael Coal Project and holds business ties to the Myanmar military”.

In a statement emailed today to South Asia Times (SAT), Stop Adani says, ” Rohingya community, human rights, and environmental groups are calling on the Future Fund to divest its equity holdings from Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone, because of critical environmental, social and corporate governance failings of the company in Myanmar and Australia.

In January 2019 Adani Ports entered into a commercial relationship with Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC), a Myanmar military holding company, to build an international port in Yangon on military-owned land.

Adani Ports entered into a lease with MEC for 50 years for an investment of USD $290 million for the construction of Ahlone International Port Terminal 2. The Myanmar military owns four commercial ports in Yangon that are currently operational. The first phase of Adani’s port is scheduled for completion in 2021.”

Photo- Stop Adani, Twitter

Pablo Brait, a campaigner with Market Forces said: “The Future Fund should be investing in the companies building our future, not those that are destroying it. Adani Ports’ role in the Carmichael coal project – a project that will fuel the climate crisis and the extreme weather that it is causing – shows it is a terrible investment for the Future Fund to be making with our money. It is clear that Adani Ports has a very concerning environmental, social, and governance risk profile beyond its role in climate-wrecking coal.

The media statement says:

“Adani Ports’ business with the Myanmar military, in disregard of human rights, follows its recently revealed direct role in the Carmichael coal project in Australia, which is a major threat to the environment and Traditional Owners of the land, the Wangan and Jagalingou people. Adani Ports has recently established the subsidiary Bowen Rail Company to transport coal from the Carmichael mine.

The groups submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Future Fund, to disclose any holdings it has in Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd. The Future Fund disclosed AUD$3.2 million in equity holdings, invested despite the company’s widely known and heavily criticized environmental and human rights record.

In August 2019 UN Human Rights Council’s Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar warned that companies involved with the MEC risked being complicit in funding the financial operations of the Myanmar military and urged companies to sever ties.”

Mohammad Junaid from the Burmese Rohingya Community in Australia says, “It is shocking to the Rohingya people that Australia’s Future Fund has invested in a company that is doing business with the Myanmar military. The UN has condemned foreign companies profiting at our expense.”

Member of the UN Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar, Australian lawyer, Chris Sidoti said: “Adani is in bed with the Myanmar military and now it seems the Future Fund is in bed with Adani.

“Australia’s sovereign wealth fund should follow the lead of similar funds in other countries and of increasing numbers of pension funds, moving towards disinvesting from companies in league with Myanmar’s murderous military.

Rawan Arraf, Director of the Australian Centre for International Justice said: “Despite United Nations condemnation of Adani Ports’ business ties with the Myanmar military, the Australian government is investing in Adani Ports. The Future Fund is at risk of contributing taxpayer money to the financing of Myanmar military activities through its investment in Adani Ports.”

Meanwhile, “In October 2020 it was announced that global shipping giant, Maersk, will end its use of the military-owned ports in Myanmar, leaving Adani Ports, currently constructing a new military-owned port in Yangon, in serious commercial trouble, as shipping companies are under increasing pressure to end business with Myanmar’s military-owned ports. Adani Ports SEZ has been taking on debt from international banks including US, UK, Germany and Japan to finance projects including in Myanmar.”

Bravus (Adani Australia) starts laying 200 km railway line for the Carmichael Project

18 November 2020 - Photo: Cameron Laird
Aerial view looking in the same direction from a different angle, the gantry and sleeper stockpile coming into view.Photo-Bravus

By SAT Business Desk

MELBOURNE, 15 December 2020: The Bravus Mining and Resources (Adani Australia) this week started laying the 200 km narrow-gauge railway line connecting the Carmichael mine to Abbot Point Termina, Central Queensland via the existing rail infrastructure. It will be one of the largest privately-funded railways in the country.

The controversial Carmichael coal mine (likely to be the biggest coal mine in the world) has been criticized by the environmental movement who bat for clean energy as opposed to coal-based projects.

On the opening day of the India Vs Australia 2020 cricket tour, hundreds joined cricket-themed #StopAdani protests at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney, and the Indian Consulates in Canberra and Melbourne. The protests called on the State Bank of India to rule out loaning Adani AUD$1 Billion for its Carmichael coal mine, as reported in Indian media recently.

Bravus CEO Mr. David Boshoff said the materials for the track, including the girders, steel, sleepers, and ballast were all produced in Australia, and the contractors building the railway were also all local.

“We always said the Carmichael Project would create Australian jobs and benefit local businesses and this is yet another example of how we are delivering on our promise,” Mr Boshoff said.

“Our rail workers camps were built by Australian company Decmil, based out of Rockhampton and our rail camp operators are based in Collinsville. Our railway earthworks and civil works are being delivered by Martinus Rail and BMD, using their regional Queensland workforces in Rockhampton and Townsville. The girders are being delivered by Rockhampton-based Stresscrete, our rail sleepers are also home-grown in Rockhampton, and our track steel is Australian-made too,” he said.

Greens Senator Nicholas McKim calls Carmichael coal mine ‘triple-bottom-line dud’

Graphic- Adani Australia

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE/CANBERRA, 4 December 2020: The never-dying controversial issue of the Carmichael coal mine once again raised its head in the Australian Senate this month (2 Dec 2020), with the Greens Senator calling the Carmichael coal mine project in Queensland ‘a triple-bottom-line’ dud. The Senator said, ” It’s a financial dud, it’s a social dud and it’s an environment dud, and it’s proposed by a company which has an appalling track record, particularly socially and environmentally.”

In his speech, the Senator raised many issues including fewer jobs being created compared to what was promised, the Adani Group building a dirty power station in Godda, India evicting local Adivasi landowners when its environmental approval was granted. The electricity generated by this power station using Australian coal will be exported to Bangladesh and operations which help the Myanmar armed forces (Tatmadaw) and its generals, hurting the Great Barrier Reef with increased coal mine shipping, building a port in Myanmar, and palm oil operations affecting indigenous people and natural habitats.

” This is a corrupt, bullyboy company that the Australian Government has jumped into bed with – and, for that matter, that the Queensland government has jumped into bed with. This is the company that the Australian and Queensland governments want to sell our environment-destroying coal to. It is this company whose pockets the Australian and Queensland governments want to line by using Australian taxpayer’s money,” Senator Nicholas McKim says.


SBI in trouble from French investor, Amundi, over planned RS. 5000 crores loan to Adani


By SAT Newsdesk

MELBOURNE, 30 November 2020: The French giant Amundi has informed the State Bank of India (SBI) that it will withdraw its SBI green bonds if it goes ahead with its reported Rupees 5,000 crore loan to Adani Australia for its controversial coal mine in Queensland.

An IANS report published in India’s ‘Business Standard says: “We consider SBI should not finance this project. Ultimately it’s their decision but we’ve been extremely clear on the fact that if they decide to do it, we would immediately disinvest,” Director of the Institutional Corporate Clients Division & ESG, Jean Jacques Barberis, was quoted as saying by a global wire service.

“Financing the mine would be in “total contradiction” to the SBI activities financed through its green bond, he added.

“We have engaged SBI asking them not to participate (in the loan) and now we are waiting for their answer”, he was quoted as saying.

The proposed Adani coal mine in Queensland has been criticized by environment activists as being pushing the area into an environmental disaster.