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Protest at Adani HQ in Townsville, 4 arrested

Photo: Frontline Action on Coal

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 14 November: Fifteen people today occupyed the Adani Australia Headquarters in Townsville, including five people who locked themselves together to stage a peaceful sit-in. Graeme, Robert, Ioan, Anne and Kay, who are locked on, are all from Queensland, sent a clear message during the state election that Queenslanders oppose this development.Four of the protesters were later arrested, says an update from the Frontline Action For Coal.

Graeme Sharp, one of the people locked on, is a retired engineer in the mining industry, and says “We have to accept from a world perspective that coal and oil are no longer the answer to our electricity and transport needs. Renewable electricity is cheaper and practical and can power electric vehicles. We have to do this for our children. ”

Photo: Frontline Action on Coal

Protest against Adani has been amplifying across Australia, including on the ground at the construction site.

Polls have shown that two-thirds of Queenslanders oppose taxpayer money funding the Adani railway. Adani is a key focus of the Queensland election, with Palaszczuk already backflipping and promising to veto the $1 billion loan to Adani to build the rail. LNP have sustained their backing of the project, including a push to develop a dam at Urannah, which would supply water to the mine.

Dr Robert Chataway, also locked on, is an agricultural scientist with Department of Natural Resources, working on the reef management plan. “I was really pleased when Labor was elected on the promise to protect the reef at the last election.” Says Robert. “The approval of the mine now undermines our whole work to manage reef catchments and sediment”.