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Victoria’s budget 19/20 : $27.1 million for culturally specific aged care homes & buying land for two new Indian aged care facilities in Melbourne’s west and south-east

Premier Daniel Andrews (SAT file photo)

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 27 May 2019: Victoria’s diverse communities will benefit from expanded language programs, more support for multicultural organizations and land for three new aged care homes catering to Chinese and Indian senior citizens.

The Andrews Labor Government is ensuring Victorians from culturally diverse backgrounds get the support they need to contribute and participate fully in the community through the Victorian Budget 2019/20.

As promised, we’re giving families peace of mind by investing $27.1 million to upgrade seven existing culturally specific aged care homes, buy land for two new Indian aged care facilities in Melbourne’s west and south-east, and land for a Chinese-specific aged care home.

Minister for Aged Care Luke Donnellan says, “Our parents and grandparents have contributed so much to our state – it’s fitting we make sure they get the care,
dignity, and the culture and language needs they deserve in their later years.”

This comes on top of our $3.6 million investment to provide more than 900 of Victoria’s multicultural senior groups with $4,000 so they can hold activities, excursions and religious celebrations as well as upgrade and purchase equipment, such as fridges or barbeques. In total, these groups represent more than 70 different ethnicities and religions.

Minister for Multicultural Affairs Richard Wynne says, “By supporting our multicultural communities, we’re helping strengthen Victoria – it’s our diversity that makes us
what we are today.”
“New aged care homes, more support for senior citizen groups, as well as backing ethnic media outlets and multicultural events are just some of the ways we can ensure our rich diversity lives on.”

These investments for older multicultural Victorians honor the sacrifices and the contribution they made when coming to Australia to build a new life for themselves and a world of new opportunities for their children.

A $7.5 million investment will deliver on the Labor Government’s commitment to help promote cultural heritage by expanding community language schools so that about 2,000 of our littlest Victorians can learn their mother tongue or that of their pre-school mates.

The budget encourages the Indian film industry to head to Victoria to film more of their blockbusters as part of a $3 million fund which is expected to bring several film productions to the state.

UK best & India worst in aged care: Global study

The analysis by the Economist Intelligence Unit looked at access to services, quality of care and public awareness in 40 countries. It found the UK performed particularly well on issues such as obtaining pain killers and quality of support. Along with Australia, it received 7.9 out of 10, well ahead of nations such as Denmark, on 5.1 and Italy, on 4.4. India came bottom on 1.9.
The researchers, part of the group which publishes the Economist magazine, talked to health professionals in 40 countries as well as looking through official data.
They concluded access to drugs and carers were the two most pressing issues for all involved. They also said that most health systems, no matter how well funded, relied to some extent on charities and philanthropic bodies to offer support to patients, particularly through networks of hospices.
David Praill, chief executive of Help the Hospices in the UK and co-chairman of the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance, said the result was “heartening” for the UK.
But he added: “The system is far from perfect and there remains huge disparity.”
He also said urgent action was needed in those countries with the worst systems.
“Hospice and palliative care is still unavailable to many of those in need, especially in the developing world with millions of people dying in pain and distress every year.”
UK – 7.9 out of 10
Australia – 7.9
New Zealand – 7.7
Ireland – 6.8
Belgium – 6.8
India – 1.9 out of 10
Uganda – 2.1
Brazil – 2.2
China – 2.3
Mexico – 2.7
-BBC, July 14