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Indian Community Infrastructure Fund grants for community facilities open


By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, 26 November: In a big boost to the Indian community in Victoria, the Andrews Labor Government today opened the $3 million Indian Community Infrastructure Fund, fulfilling a key election commitment.

The Fund is open to Victoria’s Indian communities so they can upgrade and enhance their temples, community centers, and other community facilities.

Minister for Multicultural Affairs Richard Wynne says, “We’re delivering on a promise to help build and upgrade Indian community facilities.”
“Victoria is home to Australia’s largest Indian community – they have helped make Victoria one of the most successful multicultural places in the world.”

“These grants ensure Indian Victorians have a place to come together, celebrate culture and traditions and feel connected – these things are vital in a successful multicultural society.”

Indian not-for-profit organizations can apply for a grant between $10,000 to $100,000 for smaller-scale projects, or a large grant from $100,001 to $500,000 for larger new build projects.

A media release says, “The Fund ensures Indian Victorians have access to safe and functional facilities where they can participate in their
community, hold cultural activities and share their cultures with the wider Victorian community.”

For more information or to apply, visit vic.gov.au/Indian-community-infrastructure-fund.

New color-coded train network map in 2017


By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 29 December 2016: The Andrews Labor Government is gearing up to introduce a new colour-coded train map next year, to make it quicker and easier for passengers to find their way on Victoria’s rail network.

The new map unveiled today provides a different color for each metropolitan train line and highlights interchanges, making it easier to tell which line you are on and where you need to change. (See Map)

Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan says, “Coloured maps are used on train networks around the world. It’s a simple change that will make it quicker and easier people to find their way around Melbourne and Victoria on the train.”

“Each line has a different color and interchange stations are clearly marked, making it easier to tell which line you’re on, which one you want and where to change.”

“The new map also combines the metropolitan and regional networks on the same map for the first time, so passengers don’t need to swap from map-to-map if they’re traveling between Melbourne and regional Victoria,” says the Minister.

Colors have been carefully chosen to be distinguishable by people with the two most common types of color vision impairment, and are the same colors as Public Transport Victoria’s (PTV) live travel updates.

By showing at a glance which lines are which when they leave the loop, passengers will be able to see when they can stay on a train to connect to a new line.

The map also integrates the metropolitan and regional train networks for the first time, reflecting the increasing integration of Metro and V/Line services and removing the need for passengers to swap between maps if traveling between Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The new map also includes a grid linked to an alphabetical index at the side, to help users locate unfamiliar stations. It will be progressively rolled out on all metropolitan trains and stations from 1 January 2017.