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INTERVIEW — I feel transformed into the subject : Annu Kalra

Ma Kali



By Rajeev Sharma

Annu Kalra has been drawing and painting for most of her life, but she didn’t start showing her art in public until now. In 2014 she decided to exhibit her work in international market and planning a series of exhibitions in Europe and in South Asia. Rajeev Sharma, SAT Correspondent in New Delhi talked to Annu Kalra a successful media professional and an artist by nature about her journey in the field of canvas and colors.

Q -Being creative is not enough if you want your work to be seen and purchased by collectors, what you have to say about this?

A – I think being creative is enough, because only creative people can appreciate art enough to purchase it.

Q -What do you wish you knew about becoming an artist before you got started?

A – I don’t think we become artists, i think all humans are artists, painting their personalities on the canvas of life. Putting colour on paper to express something you have experienced in order to share with others is something that just happens.

Q – How do you choose the subject of your painting?

A – It may be incorrect to say that I choose the subject of my painting. It is the subject that chooses to be expressed through me. The universe gives me a peek into its magic and allows me to manifest some of it on the canvas. I can only be grateful for it, surely can’t take credit for it! You will realise that almost all my work is a reflection of the interplay of Divine energies. They are representations of the serenity of Shiva, the power of Lord Hanuman, the fiery beauty of Ma Kali, the playfulness of Kanha or the joyousness of Dervish dancers!

Q -Do you ever experience creative blocks?

A – I won’t say I do. There are times when i’m not able to paint but that’s not because there’s a block, it’s because i’m marinating in a subject that has descended into me and until it is sufficiently meditated upon and is ready to be rolled out, a harmonious piece of work will not result.

Q -A lot of beginning artists start out with acrylics, what is your medium of creating art, watercolors,oils or acrylics?

A – I started with water colours on paper because that is what i used to do as a child. Currently i work with acrylics on canvas. I do dabble in mixed media too.

Q- How long does it take you to create a piece?

A – When a painting is being done it is almost like no time elapses because I’m so absorbed in it and able to do nothing else. There have been times when i look out and see that it is the next morning, i don’t even realise…I’m so totally consumed in it. Sometimes I feel I myself am transformed into the subject and this was reflected in a comment a Critic and Friend once made “Looks like Ma Kali has painted Ma Kali”.

Q -What do you believe is a key element in creating a good composition?

A – The composition is determined by the energy of the subject. Whatever does justice to it.

Q – How has your style changed over the years?

A – Aah…i think overall it is a more contemplative and relaxed flow now compared to the earlier sense of urgency and precision…the colours though continue to be bright and bold.

Q -What is your future planning regarding your display of work?

A – I am going on a Europe tour this weekend to examine possibilities. Let’s see…..

Annu Kalra can be contacted at : annukalra@gmail.com

- SAT News Service.