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Taliban conduct judgement based on past actions, say academics


By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, 23 August 2021: The astonishing Taliban 2.0 takeover in Kabul on 15 August 2021, is being widely debated in academic circles. Whether the Taliban 2.0, news savvy and PR oriented, are different from Taliban 1.0, is the hot topic. A week after taking power a govt in Kabul remains elusive. Meanwhile, there are conflicting reports about the Taliban 2.0′s conduct.

Leading academics including those in Australia are apprehensive of Taliban 2.0 actions once they settle the government formation issue in Kabul. Their past actions remind them of their ultra-conservative ideology and actions against women and minorities. This view emerged at a webinar ‘Afghanistan’s Crisis: the dangers of genocide and politicide’ organized by the Development Policy Centre, Australian National University.

SAT asked the question- Was it too early to judge the conduct of the Taliban 2.0 for future conduct and what sort of govt will emerge in Kabul? Dr. Omar Sharifi, Assistant Professor in Social Science, American University Afghanistan said:

Answering the question Dr. Farkhondeh Akbari, Ph.D. scholar ANU described the past actions of the Taliban:

Professor William Maley, Emeritus Professor of Diplomacy, ANU explained his view answering the question put by SAT.