Tag: ‘ASHES’ of Australia’s climate conscience

‘ASHES’ of Australia’s climate conscience


By News Desk

London, 19 Nov.: The ‘ashes’ of the Australian Government’s conscience on climate change were presented to the nation’s High Commission in London today by Friends of the Earth. The award was in recognition of Australia’s mounting opposition to international efforts to cut carbon emissions at the UN climate summit, currently taking place in Warsaw, Poland.

Australian’s hold their heads in shame as the Australia Government walks away from international carbon reduction targets and the nations existing carbon tax. In recent days 60,000 people across Australia took to the streets to call on the Australian Government to aim higher with carbon reduction. Since gaining government agencies have acted quickly to gut support to renewable energy financing, whilst supporting fast tracking dirty energy approvals.

Campaigners from the environment charity dressed in cricket whites to hand over a replica of the Ashes cricket urn, bearing the message: “The Ashes: Here lies Australia’s climate conscience”.

The action was part of a world-wide protest against the Australian Government’s decision to turn its back on its responsibilities to cut fossil fuel pollution and its attempts to block moves to put in place a fund to give financial help to people hit by future climate disasters.

Last week Philippine negotiator Yeb Saño gave an emotional speech to the climate summit calling on world Governments to finally step-up and act on climate change, and an end to the current “climate madness”.

Friends of the Earth’s UK Head of Campaigns Andrew Pendleton said: “The Australian Government’s opposition to climate change action is a national disgrace. Every nation should be going in to bat for the planet and tackling the mounting threat of global warming. We all need to play our part in building a cleaner future.”
Source: Friends of the Earth.
Photo Source: Friends of the Earth.
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