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Brumby launches Westpac language program for India and China

By our business reporter

Melbourne, 4 August: Victoria’s Premier John Brumby here today launched the Westpac Group’s new Cultural and language Learning Program for China and India.

Mr. Brumby said the program was an exciting new way to help staff and clients better engage markets in China and India.
“China and India are two Victoria’s most important partners, and so it is vital that we continue to enrich and deepen our engagement with these dynamic and rapidly transforming economies”, he said.

Alice Wong, Westpac’s Head of Asia and Migrant Markets said, “This initiative will help our customers who wish to engage in trade flow between Australia and Asian nations”.

Chairman of Asialink, Mr. Sid Myer said “the ‘Asian century’ means different things to different people, but what it does not mean is business as usual. Asialink is honoured to partner and The Westpac Group in its creative response to the challenge of doing business differently – providing new tools for the new century.