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Australia apologizes to Dr. Haneef over false terror charge and detention in 2007

Dr. Haneef: Vindicated

By Neeraj Nanda

Melbourne, 23 December : Australia has made a formal apology to Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef for his wrongful detention in 2007 over failed terrorist attacks at airports in London and Glasgow.
The move follows the payment of undisclosed compensation to Haneef, who was detained and charged with giving support to a terrorist organisation after his mobile phone SIM card was wrongly linked to the attempted car-bombings, reports AFP.

It further says:

“The AFP (Australian Federal Police) acknowledges that it was mistaken and that Dr. Haneef was innocent of the offence of which he was suspected,” said a statement on the attorney-general’s website.
“The (government) apologises and hopes that the compensation to be paid to Dr. Haneef will mark the end of an unfortunate chapter and allow Dr. Haneef to move forward with his life and career.”
Dr. Md. Haneef, who was wrongly charged of terrorism charges by the Liberal Howard government in 2007 after the failed terrorist acts in Glasgow, is to get a substantial compensation for his wrongful arrest by the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Dr. Haneef’s lawyer, Rod Hodgson told ABC Breakfast today that the Australian Government will also tender a public apology to Dr. Haneef apart from the compensation.
Dr. Haneef’s lawyer also said that the amount of the compensation ‘is under wraps’ and the doctor was ‘delighted with the outcome’. Estimates are that the compensation is around one million dollars. In 2007 the AFP spent around one and half million dollars in the case which led to the wrongful terrorism charges against Dr. Haneef.
The compensation deal is expected to remove the ‘stain’ on Australia for wrongfully charging and detaining an Indian doctor which was criticized by human rights campaigners and the Indian community in Australia.

Dr. Haneef may come back to Australia

Falsely charged by the Howard government and later cleared terrorism suspect Mohamed Haneef will return to Australia and may stay for good.Dr Haneef is due to arrive in December for a two-day mediation session as one of the final steps in his bid to secure a compensation payout over the bungling of his case.But he has expressed a desire to return to Australia permanently, reports AAP.

“I’m very grateful for the support the Australian people gave me,” Dr Haneef told The Australian on phone from Dubai.

“I was really amazed when I saw people coming up and speaking on behalf of me.”

He said next month’s visit will also gauge if his notoriety will affect his ability to live and work in Australia.

“This would be time to see how the community accepts us (his family) there,” Dr Haneef said.

“After all the things that happened, anybody would have this kind of nervousness and anxiety when they come back, where you have been incarcerated for so long.”

Dr Haneef was held in custody for 12 days in July 2007 before being charged with recklessly giving support to a terrorist organisation when his mobile phone SIM card was linked to a terrorist attack in Britain the same year.