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Dumb, Drunk and Racist: Gupta defends his position

Mr. Gautam Gupta (left) and others in ABC2 serial ‘Dumb, Drunk and Racist’ SOURCE: ABC2

By our reporter

Melbourne, 10 July: Mr.Gautam Gupta, a practising hearing specialist and former leader of the Indian youth movement in Melbourne has defended his position on the controversial ABC TV series ‘Dumb, Drunk and Racist’. The series is exploring the notion if Australia is racist from an Indian perspective. The next part of the six-part series will be telecast on Wednesday 11 July on ABC2. It explores the Australian binge drinking culture.
Mr. Gautam Gupta has highlighted in one of the episode that in 2009 Indians were over-represented as victims of crime by almost 4 to 1. Joe, the presenter said that he was bashed in Dandenong and that Dandenong was unsafe in general. Gautam clarified that what Joe lacked in understanding was that the diversity and ethnic mix of Dandenong was very different when Joe was growing up. Indian students acted as a buffer and were, in fact, protecting the mainstream majority from being bashed. Hence the statistical over-representation.
He was questioned whether Melbourne was more unsafe than many Indian cities such as Meerut. To this Gautam replied that Australia cannot be compared to any under-developed or developing country. Melbourne in the most liveable city and it should be most liveable for everyone.
Some sections of the Indian community are concerned thinking Mr.Gautam Gupta has belittled India. SAT queried Mr. Gautam Gupta to clarify his position. He says his statement was not about India. It was about Melbourne and only Melbourne. He suggests India faces issues faced by many developing nations such as clean drinking water, corruption, lack of infrastructure etc.Most of these issues are absent in Melbourne. On most liveability indices, Melbourne is rated amongst the best in the world and hence Melbourne should be compared with only with cities such as London, Zurich and Oslo.
Mr. Gupta further said that he has always defended Indians and India for their achievements. I will continue to defend the right of every Indian in Australia he told SAT.
The serial can be viewed at http://www.abc.net.au/tv/dumbdrunkracist/episodes/ep03.htm.