FISA leader Amit Menghani is ‘Young Victorian of the Year 2011′

Amit Menghani: I did it.

Amit Menghani, is the 2011 Young Victorian of the Year. Mr Menghani, a 24-year-old aerospace engineering graduate, is president of the Federation of Indian Students of Australia, a not-for-profit student body. Amit was in the forefront with FISA founder Gautam Gupta and others during the protests against attacks on Indian overseas students. The issue made headlines in the media nationally and internationally.

Two years ago, Amit Menghani led a rally of thousands angry Indian overseas students to the steps of Victoria’s Parliament House, protesting against a spate of violent attacks against Indian students in Melbourne. Yesterday he became the 2011 Young Victorian of the year.
In 2009, he sought to raise awareness of the problem of violence against Indians after a young student was stabbed in the head with a screwdriver at a party in Hadfield.

”There lacked a channel between the media and the students, so I decided to make people aware that these things were happening,” Mr Menghani said yesterday.
Born in Jaipur, Rajasthan and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Mr Menghani arrived in Australia at 18.His middle-class ”family of battlers” took out a loan of $100,000 to educate their son at RMIT. In his acceptance speech, yesterday, he said he had learnt from his family’s sacrifice and understood that in life, you needed to do ”that little bit extra”, reports The Age.

He owed a lot to Victoria – it was here that he met ”the love of his life” – and hoped one day it would become ”a world leader in multi-ethnic co-habitation”.
Source: The Age

Spin king Warne to fix India ties

The Victorian government has enlisted the support of Australian all-time spin bowler Shane Warne to turn the country’s sagging reputation around and help soothe anger in India by doing some promotional work.Warne met with Premier John Brumby in this regard behind closed doors Friday but the leg-spinner refused to speak to the media on the outcome of the talks.Brumby repeated the possibility of a “friendship cricket game” and did not rule out a taxpayer-funded ad campaign to contain the fallout over continuing attacks on Indians.
The Federation of Indian Students of Australia (FISA) spokesman Gautam Gupta said Warne was a good ambassador and his work should be focused on tackling racism locally, rather than promoting Australia overseas.

“He’s got a lot of young followers and he sends the right message,” Gupta added.
- Oz Media