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Adani continues operations as Australia self-isolates risking employees & community : Frontline Action on Coal

PHoto: Frontline Action on Coal

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 23 March 2020: The Frontline Action on Coal, Queensland has alleged Adani Mining Carmichael mine site is operating in “full swing, during a time Australian states are closing their borders, with many states advocating for only supermarkets and pharmacies to be open.”Employees of the mine who reach the mine site traveling long distances for work risk themselves and the local communities facing the COVID19 crisis.

A media release from the Frontline Action on Coal Emailed to SAT on Monday (23 March 2020) says, “Members of the public stated that they found the decision of Adani Australia to continue their operations amidst a global pandemic to be “risking the health and safety of employees as well as the local community”.

The media release further says: “Adani Australia employees and contractors travel hundreds of kilometers from around the country to get to the Carmichael site. Adani’s decision to continue operations has the potential to put remote and vulnerable communities as well as fellow workers in Central QLD at risk, with the spreading of COVID-19 a likely outcome.

Concerned citizens, who witnessed these operations, have stated that Adani was not following appropriate protocol. They noted that Adani employees were coming within two meters of them on a public road, even after they asked them to keep their distance.”

Frontline Action on Coal spokesperson Amy Booth states, “Camp Binbee has made the appropriate decision to encourage its supporters to engage in physical distancing, which includes not traveling to Camp Binbee. For Adani to continue encouraging it’s employees and contractors to travel great distances, in a region where COVID-19 is not yet prevalent, is dangerous, unsafe and is far from the necessary physical distancing which health officials are urging people to do.”

Mermaid says honest Coal barons are mythical creatures too


By SAT Newsdesk/FLAC

NORTH QUEENSLAND, 21 February: A mermaid chained to a cattle grid, 200 kilometers from the sea, is not what Adani contractor BMD expected to find on its way to work on Friday morning.

Actor and activist, Janie Gibson, staged a theatrical blockade to send a message to Adani, BMD and the Australian government that the Adani Carmichael mine is a carbon bomb that will accelerate catastrophic climate change. Dressed as a mermaid, Gibson chained herself to a cattle grid to stop workers from entering the BMD work camp and continuing work on the railway corridor that is critical to Adani’s Carmichael mine. A placard shared her message “Mythical Creatures: Mermaids & Honest Coal Barons – Don’t Trust Adani”.

Motivated by the urgency of the climate crisis, Gibson has put her body on the line to stop the Adani coal mine and defend the sacred water sources of the Great Artesian Basin. “Burning coal is the leading cause of climate change. We have seen Australia devastated by fires this summer and some of my family and friends were affected. All this has happened whilst our government is investing public money to extract new coal reserves and giving away precious groundwater for free. It is a completely ridiculous situation driven by greed and corporate influence. Until now, writing letters has not worked, lobbying the government has not worked, protesting in the street has not worked. It’s time that all Australians stepped up and put their bodies on the line to defend our right to life”.

Janie grew up in the coal-mining city of Newcastle NSW and her grandfather was a lifetime employee at the BHP steelworks. “While coal mining has been an important part of many Australian towns and communities, it is fast becoming a stranded asset. With companies like ANZ and BlackRock divesting from coal, it is clear that we need to transition to new technologies and clean energy sources. While countries like Germany are closing down their coal-fired power plants, Australia is being left behind in the 20th century. It is communities like these in rural Queensland that will be left high and dry; without groundwater, without jobs, and without a Great Barrier Reef. And with this mine projected to release 4.7 billion tonnes of carbon over its lifetime, it is now a global issue.

Adani opens solar farm near Moranbah amidst climate protests at Haughton river site

Photo: Adani Renewals

By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, 31 October: Adani Australia today announced first renewables project in Australia, a 65 MW solar farm in central Queensland which has been officially switched on. The project is powering more than 23,000 regional Queensland homes and businesses, says an Adani Renewables media release today.

Located near Moranbah in central Queensland, Rugby Run solar farm’s 247,000 solar panels makes it the eighth largest solar farm in Queensland and a significant contributor in renewable energy production for Queensland.

The announcement comes amidst reports of climate activists this morning disrupting work on BMD’s site at Haughton River just south of Townsville, calling on the construction company to cut ties with Adani’s controversial Carmichael mine.

Photo: Frontline Action On Coal

A press statement emailed today by the Frontline Action on Coal to the SAT says, “A group of 25 people stopped work by blocking the gates to BMD’s site on the Haughton River floodplain upgrade just off the Bruce Highway. BMD is contracted to work on the construction of Adani’s Carmichael rail line.”

Frontline Action on Coal Spokesperson Andrea Valenzuela said “businesses like BMD can no longer defend working on destructive fossil fuel projects like Adani’s mine as ‘just doing their job’. The choice is between drastic climate action or accepting responsibility for the wilful destruction of our planet.

Adani CEO Lucas Dow was joined by Isaac Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker to officially open the solar farm in Moranbah today.

“We are delighted to officially open the Adani Rugby Run solar farm today, adding an Australian arm to our already significant international renewables portfolio,” Mr Dow said.
“People are often surprised when we say we’re in the renewables business, but the reality is that we recognize the world needs a reliable and affordable energy mix of both coal and renewables in order to meet current and future global energy demand, “he said.

Adani rail work shut down for second time in a week

Photo: Frontline Action on Coal

By SAT Newsdesk in Melbourne

Belyando, QLD, 30th October: Work was shut down for the second time in less than a week at the construction site of Adani’s new railway line near Belyando Crossing, Queensland. Darcy Poulton, 25, attached himself via a monopole to four construction machines determined to stop work which is a part of the controversial Adani coal mine project.

The site is an area that crosses the Gregory Highway, approximately 35km / 25 minutes south of the Belyando Crossing Road House.

“I’m here for my friends and family and everyone who is angry and frustrated that the Adani coal mine is being pushed by our Government. We are in a climate crisis, and the corrupt Adani company threatens the life we love. The line has been crossed and I’m standing up.” said Darcy.

Photo: Frontline Action on Coal

The mine would be Australia’s largest coal mine, and one of the largest in the world. Mayor concern has been raised across Australia regarding the emissions from this mega coal mine and the acceleration of dangerous climate change, which is already expected to lead to unprecedented economic, social, environmental and health impacts.

Queenslanders rely on the reef for over 69,000 jobs. The rising of ocean temperatures has already caused major bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, and scientists predict that climate change could see the loss of reefs within the next two decades.

The announcement of the Queensland election is a stark reminder that one of the major issues that saw Labor elected in 2015 was the promise to protect the reef and that the Palaszczuk government has betrayed those constituents by being one of Adani’s strongest proponents.

Darcy Poulton says “Those like Palaszczuk, Matt Canavan, and Turnbull that are kicking for Adani are only kicking the rest of us down. I know when I stand up, I am speaking with the same voice as my family, my friends and Australians all over that are saying,’Adani, no means no’.

This industry is stuck in the past, we need to start preparing for a future with the facts of the present. We are a growing movement which is trying to create a safer future, and this means no new coal mines.”

- With inputs from the Frontline Action on Coal.