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Indian High Commissioner in Australia asks visa seekers to change travel plans as no international flights will land in India 22-29 March 2020.

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 21 March 2020: India has informed the Indian community and overseas students here that it may not be possible to consider requests for all those who apply for visas and hence those applying need to change their traveling schedules. A government source says no flights will be allowed to land in India between 22-29 March 2020.

In a letter written by the Indian High Commissioner HE Mr. A. Gitesh Sarma to the “Indian community and student organizations in Australia” and made available to SAT by the Indian Consulate, Melbourne, the letter says, ” It may not be possible for the time being to consider requests for grant of visa and your traveling plans may, therefore, need to be changed. These restrictions would, of course, be subject to regular review by the authorities in India.”

The letter says, ” …in order to prevent the spread the coronavirus in Australia, you would have noted that Government here has also announced a series of measures over the last few days aimed at containment of the pandemic.”

The Indian High Commissioners letter urges the community and students to take precautions and not to panic. This situation, it says, can be managed successfully managed by standing together as one family, helping one another, especially the needy ones amongst us.

The community has also been urged to access helpline of the High Commission of India, Canberra, all the three consulates across Australia and websites and their social media platforms for updates.

Warm send off to the outgoing Indian High Commissioner Dr. A M Gondane

Indian Consul in Melbourne Mr. Raj Kumar & Dr A M Gondane, outgoing Indian High Commissioner in Australia at the Indian Consulate reception. Photo: SAT

Warm send off to the outgoing Indian High Commissioner Dr. A M Gondane

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 11 September: The outgoing Indian High Commissioner in Australia, Dr. A M Gondane today said relations between India and Australia had progressed but talks on a free trade pact between the two countries remain conclusive. The High Commissioner mentioned the importance of the rising number of Indian students in Australia and Melbourne being their main destination.

Mr. Gondane also without naming Kashmir, detailed the Indian government’s recent steps there and wanted the Indian diaspora to clarify any issues they have with the Indian diplomatic missions. He was addressing a select gathering at the Indian Consulate called to catch up with him as he has ended his three years’ term as the High Commissioner in Canberra.

The Indian Consul in Melbourne presented a memento to him appreciating his personality and the work he did in Australia.

Mr. Gondane refused to name his successor, when asked by SAT but said the name was being finalized and is likely to be known by next month.

The outgoing High Commissioner mixed and talked with community members and others present and posed for photographs.