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India is Australia’s main migrant source

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By Neeraj Nanda

Melbourne, 19 June: India has emerged as the main source of migrants to Australia in 2013-14. Australia’s Migration Trends 2013–14 report released recently says almost 40,000 Indian nationals migrated to Australia in this period. In the same year almost 30,000 people born in India became Australian citizens.
A total of 207,900 migrants settled permanently in Australia from all countries in the same period.
The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton said, in a media release, the report contains a wealth of information about the current trends in migration.
“The report provides a rich and valuable source of information on how immigration is shaping our nation,” Mr Dutton said.
Australia granted 290,000 student visas in 2013-14 – the highest number since the Global Financial Crises.
“This is proof Australia’s Student Visa Programme continues to remain strong and appealing to the overseas market and keeps its place as one of Australia’s major export earners,” Mr Dutton said.
The report provides insights on global economic trends. Tourist numbers from China increased by almost a quarter in 2013–14 reflecting its large and growing middle class
In 2013–14, the permanent Migration Programme delivered almost 128,600 places under the Skill stream and just over 61,000 places through the Family stream, says the media release from Mr. Peter Dutton’s office.
“Permanent migration remains a pillar of Australia’s migration programmes providing social and economic benefits through its skilled worker and family reunion programmes,” Mr Dutton said.
The report is available on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website: www.immi.gov.au.

- SAT News Service