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‘This Girl Can – Victoria’ campaign inspiring thousands of women to get active

BY SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE,1 March 2020: Women of all ages and abilities will be inspired to get more active through a powerful new campaign launched today by the Andrews Labor Government.

Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos today launched the new This Girl Can – Victoria campaign, which focuses on positivity and the importance of seeing everyday women on social media.

New research from VicHealth found two-thirds of women are not motivated by #FITSPO images of women on Instagram and around a third feel bad or inadequate about their own bodies and fitness when they see #FITSPO images.

The research also found over three-quarters of women want to see a range of female body shapes in physical advertising.

More than half of Victorian women are not sufficiently active – taking part in less than 30 minutes of physical activity on five or more days a week.

Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos says, “This is about encouraging, motivating and inspiring women to become more active. Whether it’s yoga in your trackies, dancing with friends or playing a team sport – it’s about getting up and getting physical.”

“We are empowering women to feel comfortable in their bodies and in public spaces. Women should feel confident getting active whenever, wherever and however they choose – without worrying about being judged.”

Now in its third year, the campaign has encouraged more than 400,000 Victorian women to get out and get active.

The new ad campaign features everyday women from right across Victoria, including body-positive personal trainer Natasha Korbut and amputee swimmer Karen Veldhuizen, who are encouraging women to focus on how getting active makes them feel, rather than what they look like.

During This Girl Can Week from 23-29 March many physical activity providers, gyms and organizations offer fun, beginner-friendly events to increase the number of women walking through their doors.

The Labor Government provided $40 million in 2018/19 to support VicHealth activities promoting healthy eating, keeping people active and improving wellbeing.

VicHealth Head of This Girl Can Melanie Fineberg says, “Our research shows women want to see social media posts that promote women of all shapes and sizes getting active in a realistic way – sweat, red faces, jiggles and all.”

“Women in our ad celebrate how getting active makes them feel – whether it’s the fun of playing in a team, the calm of yoga or the joy of swimming. It’s about moving our bodies because it feels good and because we can.”

The This Girl Can – Victoria campaign is part of the Labor Government’s work to promote gender equality and increase female participation in sport and all forms of physical activity.

$ 17.9 m funding for 3,000 KG kids to learn non-English languages each year, information sessions starting from 25 June


By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 20 June: Thousands of children will have the opportunity to learn another language while attending kindergarten, thanks to the Andrews Labor Government.

To kick off this initiative, Minister for Early Childhood Education Jenny Mikakos today encouraged parents, teachers, service managers and those in kindergarten communities to join the conversation and attend upcoming information sessions on how to get involved.

These sessions are the next step in the $17.9 million Early Childhood Language Program, the first state-funded language program ever to be rolled out in preschools.

Minister for Early Childhood Education Jenny Mikakos says, “We’re making sure more of our littlest Victorians reap the lifelong benefits of learning a language other than English – they’re going to be at the front of the pack.

Research tells us that learning a second language is hugely beneficial – it’s fun, it improves brain function and actually helps kids learn English better.”

The measure – funded through the Victorian Budget 2018/19 – is expected to give about 3,000 children each year over the next four years the opportunity to learn a language other than English while attending kindergarten.

Three-hour weekly language sessions will be delivered in 120 kinders starting from 2019 and a further 10 services will become bilingual – where children will benefit from up to half their program being offered in another language.

“This Australian-first initiative is just another way we’re getting Victorian kids ready for kinder, ready for school and ready for life,” the Minister says.

Information sessions will run across a number of locations in Victoria during the next two weeks and cover how the program will work, funding eligibility and the expression of interest process for those kindergartens wanting to apply.

Learning languages in kindergarten often result in children learning the language of their grandparents, as well as inspiring them to take an interest in other cultures. It’s also shown to improve brain function and their English reading and writing skills.

Work is underway through the Labor Government’s landmark $202.1 million Education State Early Childhood Reform Plan to ensure kids are ready for kinder, ready for school and ready for life. The Victorian Budget 2018/19 invested a further $135.9 million toward realizing our early childhood vision.

To register to attend the Early Childhood Language Program information sessions, go to education.vic.gov.au/eclanguages.

Opposition talk of law and order “totally cheap”, says Daniel Andrews


By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, 10 May: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews today came down heavily on the opposition for talking around about the ‘law and order’ situation in the state. The latest budget, he said, has more money for more police and the last two crime statistics show “we are turning it around”.

Answering to a pointed question during a budget briefing at the Parliament House today by SAT, the Victorian Premier said the opposition’s talk on the subject was “totally cheap” as “we inherited a mess” but have given more resources for special firearms, more drug tests and all support to the Police Commissioner.

“9,300 applications had recently applied for positions in the Victoria Police,” he disclosed.



Addressing the media, Multicultural Minister Robin Scott said, “Culturally diverse communities in Victoria will benefit from a record boost of $43.6 million in multicultural funding, as part of this year’s Victorian Budget.”

“The funding will ensure every Victorian has the opportunity to celebrate our state’s rich cultural diversity, “said Minister Scott.


Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan said, “the budget includes a massive investment in the Suburban Roads Upgrade of $ 2.2 billion package to upgrade 13 arterial roads across the northern and south-eastern suburbs.”

“We’d all rather spend more time with family and friends than stuck in traffic – that’s why we’re fixing the suburban roads people rely on every day,” he said.


Minister for Families and Children, Jenny Mikakos disclosed that Victoria will be the first state in Australia to provide an additional $18 million to give at least 3,000 children attending state-funded kinders the opportunity to learn a language other than English for the very first time.

“The project will start in a few months and which languages form part of the scheme will be decided after community consultation”, she said.