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Indian High Commissioner in Australia asks visa seekers to change travel plans as no international flights will land in India 22-29 March 2020.

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 21 March 2020: India has informed the Indian community and overseas students here that it may not be possible to consider requests for all those who apply for visas and hence those applying need to change their traveling schedules. A government source says no flights will be allowed to land in India between 22-29 March 2020.

In a letter written by the Indian High Commissioner HE Mr. A. Gitesh Sarma to the “Indian community and student organizations in Australia” and made available to SAT by the Indian Consulate, Melbourne, the letter says, ” It may not be possible for the time being to consider requests for grant of visa and your traveling plans may, therefore, need to be changed. These restrictions would, of course, be subject to regular review by the authorities in India.”

The letter says, ” …in order to prevent the spread the coronavirus in Australia, you would have noted that Government here has also announced a series of measures over the last few days aimed at containment of the pandemic.”

The Indian High Commissioners letter urges the community and students to take precautions and not to panic. This situation, it says, can be managed successfully managed by standing together as one family, helping one another, especially the needy ones amongst us.

The community has also been urged to access helpline of the High Commission of India, Canberra, all the three consulates across Australia and websites and their social media platforms for updates.

COVID19 Advisory for Indian overseas students & nationals in Australia


COVID19 Advisory for Indian Nationals in Australia
(Received in the SAT What’s App account from the Indian Consulate, Melbourne)

1) Considering the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Australia, all Indian nationals, especially students are advised to take abundant precautions with regard to their health & hygiene and follow the advisories issued by the local authorities. Australian Department of Health updates on COVID19 can be checked at https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert

2) While most of the Australian educational institutions are presently open, the fast-evolving situation could also lead to stronger and urgent measures including shut down of on-campus operations. If you are staying in on-campus housing and are asked to vacate, check with your university if you can continue staying in on-campus housing. If not possible, consult with your university or your student network on how to find alternate options for accommodation. Likewise, check how to avail your health services, health insurance, and any other essential services that may be impacted.

3)Australia has announced that all arrivals in the country from midnight today must “self-isolate” for 14 days on arrival. Currently, Australia also has issued travel restrictions for a number of countries and further restrictions can be expected in the days ahead. Any overseas travel may also compromise your ability to return to Australia. It is strongly advised to avoid all non-essential domestic or international travel.

4)It should be kept in mind by those Indian nationals traveling to India that they will also be subject to medical screening upon arrival in India and maybe put in quarantine for a minimum of 14 days if required. For full details on the current restrictions in India, please check updated travel advisories on https://boi.gov.in/content/advisory-travel-and-visa-restrictions-related-covid-19-0

5)This is an unprecedented situation, but we can successfully manage it by taking decisions with a calm mind. Please take prudent health precautions and carefully review information and travel advisories.

For updates visit our website-www.hcicanberra.gov.in
Updates also available on Facebook- IndianHighCommissionCanberraAustralia
On Twitter- @HciCanberra Facebook

Fashion takes over Australian Open at the Rod Laver Arena

AO 2017  Day 12 Australian fashion takes centre court.

BY SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 27 JANUARY: capitaliseTennis met its match today (Friday 27th January) when fashion took to the court at Australia’s biggest annual sporting event, the Australian Open, to help launch Australia’s largest fashion event, set to run from March 1-19.

Melbourne’s standing as Australia’s home of major events was further consolidated as the Australian Open and Melbourne’s most renowned fashion event came to capitalizeAO 2017  Day 12 Australian fashion takes centre court. on the city’s global reputation as the ‘Sports and Style capital’, encouraging both domestic and international tourism.

With the world’s eyes firmly fixed on Melbourne, the iconic Rod Laver Arena played host to 16 styled models, all “runway ready” and sporting a preview of the upcoming Fashion Festival’s trends featuring Australia’s most celebrated designers including Thurley, Bianca Spender, Dion Lee, LIFEwithBIRD, Jack London and Camilla and Marc.

Visit Victoria CEO, Peter Bingeman said: “Visit Victoria has played a leading role in highlighting this state’s prolific event calendar and helping Major Events partner and cross promote to achieve greater profile and commercial results globally.”

Melbourne Fashion Festival Ltd. CEO, Graeme Lewsey, said: “Fashion defines Melbourne and our creative culture is being recognised and appreciated around the world. And so is our talent for staging Major Events in Victoria and delivering memorable experiences for everyone to enjoy. We are extremely honoured to have been invited to showcase some our incredible Australian designers to a global audience on centre court today, and this is just a teaser of what’s set to take over Australia’s fashion and design capital from 1-19 March”.

AO 2017  Day 12 Australian fashion takes centre court.

Tennis Australia Commercial Director Richard Heaselgrave said: “At the Australian Open this year we’ve combined the incredible on-court action with the best Melbourne has to offer in terms of music and food, and now we’ve added fashion to the mix, truly creating a Glam Slam experience.”

“Melbourne is known as Australia’s most stylish city and we’re delighted to help launch the fashion festival in March, effectively handing over the major events baton.”

- Text & photos supplied by Tennis Australia.

Melbourne set for New Year’s Eve spectacular

Photo: Melbourne city website

MELBOURNE, 16 December: Melbourne’s city skyline will light up in spectacular style this New Year’s Eve when the City of Melbourne rings in 2017 with its biggest ever fireworks show.
Lord Mayor Robert Doyle today announced details of the glittering new fireworks display that can be enjoyed from anywhere with a view of the city skyline.

“Our New Year’s Eve fireworks will be the most intense and spectacular display ever seen in Melbourne,” the Lord Mayor said. “In addition to the impressive ‘fan and barrage’ effects, ‘comets’ will arc across the sky like shooting stars and ‘mines’ will explode as the clock strikes midnight.

“The city sky will sparkle as 13.5 tonnes of fireworks, a third more than last year, are fired from 22 rooftops across the city, making it the biggest fireworks show that Melbourne has ever seen.

“Melburnians near and far who can see the city skyline will have a perfect vantage point to enjoy the midnight show.”

We encourage city visitors to attend the four official Live Sites at Treasury Gardens, Flagstaff Gardens, Docklands and Kings Domain. The sites will run from 9pm to 1am and feature free entertainment, food outlets and toilet facilities, with DJs spinning their turntables well after the final countdown.

“Howard & Sons will pull out all the stops with new effects including fatter comets, broader mines, and bigger and brighter slabs of colour,” the Lord Mayor said.

“In the lead-up to the event, 65 pyrotechnicians from around the world will prepare three loads of fireworks and equipment; enough to fill two 40-foot and three 20-foot shipping containers.

“Council will spend $3 million on New Year’s Eve, with the fireworks display costing $532,000 and the majority covering public safety and event management costs. The economic impact to the municipality is estimated at $7.6 million.”

The Lord Mayor said New Year’s Eve was a major annual event, with large crowds expected.

“With 450,000 people expected in the city, we recommend that people use public transport, expect delays, behave responsibly and be considerate as they make their way home,” the Lord Mayor said.

The midnight fireworks will be synchronized to a specially curated soundtrack by popular Melbourne DJ and producer, DJ Ransom, which will be broadcast live on FM 99.7 and Channel 7.

The City of Melbourne’s New Year’s Eve celebrations is alcohol-free events.

Visit the City of Melbourne’s NYE website for full details and transport options on New Year’s Eve.

Source: Melbourne City media release.

Vidya Balan praises IFFM for moving beyond movies

Photo: SAT/NN.

By Neeraj Nanda

Melbourne, 19 August: IFFM-2016 Brand Ambassador Vidya Balan is impressed with the iconic festival taking up issues beyond films. Speaking today at a function at the Victorian Parliament she said, “I am grateful and honoured to be at the Parliament of Victoria promoting the film festival’s core values of the diversity and inclusiveness.”

Praising the festival director Mitu Bhowmick Lange’s initiative of moving beyond films, Vidya Balan said, “breaking down walls and boundaries with the La Trobe University’s project of students taking part in a new effort to help children with special needs in India and the good work being done by the Royal Children’s Hospital is basically breaking barriers in the minds of the people.”

“People do not know how to handle children with special needs and the need of the hour was to treat people as people,” she said.

“The La Trobe University’s initiative was an icing on the cake,” she commented.


About her being the Brand Ambassador of the film festival, Vidya Balan says, “The journey of the past five years has been so wonderful. I come back here year after year and go back with memories cherished for ever.”

“When Mitu first asked me to be the Brand Ambassador of the festival, I thought it will be a one off, but next year again she came to me and then continued to ask me to remain in the position year after year and that kicked off my love affair with Melbourne,” she nostalgically says.


The Bollywood legend was honoured by Hon. Luke Donnellan, Minister for Roads, Roads Safety and Ports, the IFFM Gold Medal for her contributions to cinema and interest in social issues.

A large number of festival organisers, parliament MPs and officials, Indian Consul in Melbourne Manika Jain, Festival Director Mitu Bhowmick and others were present at the function.

- SAT News Service.