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Story of a ‘traitor’: Vishal Bhardwaj on the roll with ‘Khufiya’ (WATCH TEASER)

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Vishal Bhardwaj & Tabu Photo- Netflix

By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, 14 October 2021: A person working in India’s spy agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), based in New Delhi on a sensitive assignment vanishes amid the political turmoil engulfing the country.

Branded a ‘traitor’, his escape from India with the assistance of his powerful overseas handlers is the story of director Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Khufiya’, based on Amar Bhushan’s 2012 novel ‘Escape to Nowhere’. Amar Bhushan served as Special Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat from where he retired in 2005. Loosely inspired by actual incidents in 2004, the Netflix production ‘Khufiya’ is likely to give a rare insight into how one becomes a ‘traitor’, the working of different intelligence agencies, and their inside workings laced with mysteries.


Netflix has released the Teaser of the production, which hints at Khufiya (concealed) being a spy-thriller. In a nutshell, the story in the novel and publically available reports is about one person in RAW who when posted in a European country becomes the spy of a big country and later starts his operations from New Delhi. There is suspicion about him and he is put under surveillance. His handlers are not known and the mode of communication with them is a deep secret. He passed on classified sensitive documents and emailed his handlers regularly.

Basically, the spy was using the internet and its VOIP system which gives talk, chat, and text communication. This, probably, was not known to the agencies in India. Currently, this technology is used by anyone with an internet connection in the world.

Things seem to be closing on him. And, one day along with his wife with their new identities escapes from India to a neighboring country. From there they are flown to the country for which he was spying. Big questions were raised including whether how could such a high-profile person under surveillance vanish from New Delhi. Or, was there something else behind it? Some reports indicate the spy died in an accident in 2016.

Director & Producer Vishal Bhardwaj said, “With Khufiya, my attempt is to create an edgy espionage film that contrasts the slow burn of intelligence & surveillance work with one’s deep-rooted emotional conflicts.”

Collaborating with Netflix and Vishal Bhardwaj yet once again, Tabu said, “Khufiya is a one-of-a-kind project, extremely close to my heart and I am excited to be a part of this gripping spy thriller. As always, it’s a delight working with VB (Vishal Bhardwaj) again, and feels like a homecoming!”

The topic of ‘Rahasya’ is sensational, and what is actually in the script will only be known once the product is released. Tabu, Ali Fazal, Vamika Gabbi, and Ashish Vidyarthi are in the lead roles.

Rahasya will be streaming on Netflix soon.

Netflix Preview: Meenakshi Sundareshwar (Hindi) releasing on 5 November (WATCH TEASER)

Photo- Netflix

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 14 October 2021: Mumbai, October 5, 2021: Being in love is undeniably one of the greatest feelings in the world, and Netflix celebrates this feeling as it introduces the newest couple on the block, Meenakshi and Sundareshwar. The adorable newlyweds are here to take you through a beautiful and relatable journey. We got a sneak peek of their chemistry at the TUDUM Global Fan Event, but gear up for some sparks as it premieres on Netflix only on November 5, 2021.

Directed by Vivek Soni and produced by Dharmatic Entertainment, Meenakshi Sundareshwar features Sanya Malhotra and Abhimanyu Dassani in lead roles. The film encapsulates the various interlinked aspects of relationships, joint families, the awkwardness in a new marriage, and everything in between. When the challenge of a long-distance relationship is bestowed upon this young couple, the question arises – will distance really make their hearts grow fonder? Stay tuned to find out more!

Name: Meenakshi Sundareshwar
Language: Hindi (with English subtitles)
Producer: Dharmatic Entertainment
Director: Vivek Soni
Writer: Vivek Soni and Aarsh Vora
Cast: Abhimanyu Dassani, Sanya Malhotra
Release on: 5 November 2021

NETFLIX REVIEW: ‘The Billion Dollar Code’: The battle over Google Earth

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Photo- Netflix

By Silke Wünsch

Netflix’s new miniseries fictionalizes the story of two Berlin internet pioneers who attempt to prove that Google stole their idea, worth billions.

Two guys in Berlin in the early 1990s: One of them is an art student with big ideas, the other a computer nerd.

After meeting in 1993 in a techno club, they developed together the idea of creating a kind of global work of art that would allow people to travel to any point in the world, simply by zooming into a location with a click of the mouse.

They quickly realized that computers in the early 1990s weren’t performant enough for their project.

But that could change, especially with the help of a telecommunications giant and experienced hackers on board: They were sponsored by Deutsche Telekom, and developers were members of the Chaos Computer Club.

Despite a chaotic process, the two partners managed to have their “Terra Vision” project ready for a presentation at an international communications fair in Kyoto, Japan, in 1994. It was a resounding success.

But during a trip to Silicon Valley, the source code for “Terra Vision” fell into the wrong hands — and in 2005 Google, by then a tech giant, suddenly released Google Earth.

The two developers from Germany felt that Google had stolen their idea — leading to a David vs. Goliath court case.


Overtaken by a tech giant

The Netflix miniseries tells in two timelines and four parts how two computer freaks developed their idea, convinced a large corporation and finally the whole world of its interest — only to be robbed of their fame and fortune by a tech giant’s legal ruse.

With this German production, Netflix demonstrates once again that the setting of a story is not what matters most, but rather what it is about. The two developers could just as well have been from Japan or South Africa instead of Germany; the core of their tale is universal.

The Netflix production’s look, story, editing, script and soundtrack is on par with similar international productions, and, adding an authentic feel, the German actors in The Billion Dollar Code have synchronized their own voices in the English version.

Time travel to the 1990s

Details of the 1990s are meticulously reproduced. Through the story of Juri Müller and Carsten Schlüter, the miniseries dives into the atmosphere of Berlin’s post-reunification era, with its techno clubs, its wildly experimental art scene and its hackers, who weren’t really taken seriously at that point. It was a time when having an actual bank account felt like being part of the establishment, and young people had found their own way of being cool.

The internet embodied dreams of revolution and freedom without borders. The idea that all knowledge could be available to everyone was incredibly new and exciting at the time.

Funders were investing insane sums to help build this new world. Silicon Valley was the El Dorado of the new computer age, with digital prospectors gathering in the gigantic tech park under palm trees, with basketball courts and espresso machines.

Twenty-five years later, the Berlin programming pioneers set off for a lawsuit against internet giant Google. They want to prove that they were the ones who, with “Terra Vision,” laid the foundations for Google Earth, Google Maps and all the navigation systems in use today.

A fiction, based on real events

A rollercoaster ride, fast-paced and emotional, which ends in an exciting court drama — with a cast of consistently outstanding actors.

With The Billion Dollar Code, director Robert Thalheim and screenwriter Oliver Ziegenbalg have created a journey through time in a fiction based on real events.

The idea for the story arose while having a barbecue with a neighbor, who turned out to be Joachim Sauter, a media artist who helped develop “Terra Vision” in the early 1990s and who actually went to court against Google.

Source- Netflix, YouTube

Of course, the miniseries’ creators dramatized interpretation of the story does not represent all the facts behind the development of the program and the ongoing court case.

The filmmakers didn’t hope to re-establish justice. They simply wanted to portray the ideals that initially drove the tech generation and what it ultimately turned into, says Robert Thalheim.

The director explained that he wanted to show “how the balance of power has shifted and the internet pioneers themselves are overwhelmed by this development,” said Thalheim. “Today, everyone only talks about the multimillionaires who have become extremely rich with the internet and are now flying to the moon. But we wanted to show how it all began, and tell the story of those who were never in the limelight. ”

Interviews with the people involved in the events as well as the court files contributed to the authenticity of the series. The script reproduces the actual court statements to avoid coming into conflict with Google.

Joachim Sauter also collaborated with the filmmaker. But the art professor did not get to see the series as a completed work — he died in July 2021. The Billion Dollar Code, released on October 7 on Netflix, is dedicated to him.

Update: This article was updated shortly after its publication to better reflect that it is solely about the fictional miniseries, and not about the actual court case.
The text was translated from German.


Source- dw.com, 7-10-2021


Vishal Bhardwaj & Netflix come together for upcoming spy-thriller ‘Khufiya’

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Photo- Netflix

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 20 September: Two powerhouses of entertainment – Netflix and Vishal Bhardwaj, bring to you a spy thriller, Khufiya, inspired by true events and based on the espionage novel ‘Escape to Nowhere’ by Amar Bhushan.

Produced by Vishal Bhardwaj Films and directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, Khufiya is a story about Krishna Mehra, a RAW operative who is assigned to track down the mole selling India’s defense secrets. All along, grappling with her dual identity of a spy and a lover. The film stars Tabu, Ali Fazal, Wamiqa Gabbi, and Ashish Vidyarthi in pivotal roles.

Sharing his excitement about the film, Vishal Bhardwaj said, “With Khufiya, my attempt is to create an edgy espionage film that contrasts the slow burn of intelligence & surveillance work with one’s deep-rooted emotional conflicts”

VB_Group 3

Collaborating with Netflix and Vishal Bhardwaj yet once again, Tabu said, “Khufiya is a one-of-a-kind project, extremely close to my heart and I am excited to be a part of this gripping spy thriller. As always, it’s a delight working with VB (Vishal Bhardwaj) again, and feels like a homecoming!”

Pratiksha Rao, Director, Films and Licensing, Netflix India said, “We are thrilled to partner with the master of storytelling, Vishal Bhardwaj on Khufiya. His films are known to brilliantly showcase inherent conflicts between different characters and their worlds through moving stories, and we can’t wait for our members to experience this through the incredible story of Khufiya.”

Producer: Vishal Bhardwaj Films
Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Writer: Vishal Bhardwaj & Rohan Narula
Cast: Ali Fazal, Ashish Vidyarthi, Tabu, Wamiqa Gabbi


NETFLIX PREVIEW: ‘Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror’ releasing on 1 September 2021 (5 episodes)


Modern history can be divided into two time frames: before 9/11 and after 9/11. This five-part docuseries from director Brian Knappenberger is a cohesive chronicle of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S., offering illuminating perspectives and personal stories of how the catastrophic events of that day changed the course of the nation. From the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 to the country’s breathtaking collapse back into the hands of the Taliban just weeks before the twentieth anniversary of the attacks, history continues to be made.


The September 11, 2001 attacks changed the world in ways that have taken decades to understand. Twenty years later, following the longest war in American history and Afghanistan once again in Taliban control, TURNING POINT: 9/11 AND THE WAR ON TERROR answers the questions: Who attacked the U.S. and why? What breakdowns in intelligence allowed it to happen? How did decisions at the highest levels of three administrations in the war on terror bring us to this moment?


The series features a wide range of interviewees including officials from multiple U.S. presidential administrations, former CIA members, and U.S. military veterans as well as Afghanistan National Army soldiers, Taliban commanders, members of the Afghan government, Afghan warlords, and Afghan civilians – many who had never spoken on camera before. It also spotlights the voices of survivors of the attacks themselves. The 5-part docuseries is a vital and illuminating chronicle of the 9/11 attacks and how those events changed the course of history.

Episode count- 5 Episodes (60 minutes each)
Genre- Documentary
Director- Brian Knappenberger
Streaming Service- Netflix


Source of all material in this Preview- Netflix
Trailer source- YouTube