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Victoria to continue campaign against penalty rates cut: Minister


BY SAT News Desk

Melbourne, 26 April: Starting today, members of the Legislative Assembly will be looking into the impacts of penalty rate cuts by the Fair Work Commission supported by the Turnbull Government and Matthew Guy’s Opposition.

The Penalty Rates and Fair Pay Select Committee will look into the social and economic cost of the Fair Work
Commissions to changes to penalty rates.

The changes will begin to impact the wages of retail, hospitality, pharmacy and fast food workers from the middle
of the year.

The select committee will be looking into the detrimental effects such changes will have on:

- Victoria’s lowest paid, award-reliant workers

- Women

- Young workers

- Workers in regional Victoria

- Single parents

- The detrimental effects on the Victorian economy

- Other industries that are now potentially open to the same wage cuts.

It comes as 78 leading Australian economists signed an open letter to the Fair Work Commission earlier this

month, commenting that cutting award wages will likely hurt the national economy.

Minister for Industrial Relations Natalie Hutchins says, “The Victorian Government will continue to campaign against penalty rate cuts and urges Victorians’ to provide evidence and submissions to the committee.”
“Workers are tired of working longer hours for less pay to make ends meet.”

“Unlike the opposition, the Andrews Labor Government has firmly opposed the cuts to penalty rates and is looking
to the Committee for ideas of what can be done in Victoria to assist those impacted by the cuts,” says a media release.

Victoria to examine penalty rates cut

Union rally in melbourne to oppose penalty rates cut. Source: Twitter

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 9 March: The Andrews Labor Government has today moved a motion to establish a Parliamentary Committee to examine

the impact of the Fair Work Commission’s decision to cut penalty rates.

The Penalty Rates and Fair Pay Select Committee will look at the impact of penalty rate cuts on award reliant

workers, women, and young people across our state.

It will explore how the state can act to protect workers and prepare a final report by 1 September 2017.

Premier Daniel Andrews says, “We want to hear from ordinary Victorians about how this decision will hurt their ability to earn a decent wage and look after their families.”

“We will also be looking at ways to protect thousands of Victorians from these attacks on their living conditions.”

The Commission’s decision will result in a cut to a range of Sunday and holiday penalty rates, hitting young

workers and women in the fast food, retail and hospitality sectors the hardest.

The Commission is now considering even more penalty cuts in the hair and beauty, tourism, clubs and restaurant

industries. This could leave even more Victorians facing a cut to their take home pay.

Minister for Industrial Relations Natalie Hutchins says, “The Liberals support these cuts and they refuse to defend Victorian workers against these attacks.”

“Penalty rates are fair, and I will fight to ensure that every worker in this state is treated fairly.”

Despite the widespread damage this will have on many workers the Victorian Liberals support the cuts.

In stark contrast, the Labor Government made a submission to the FWC review strongly opposing any change to penalty rates.