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Victoria developing India business strategy


By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, 21 November: The Victorian Premier Hon.Daniel Andrews today announced the state is developing it’s ‘India Strategy’ to enhance business and trade relations at the Investment Centre Victoria. Addressing a large gathering of business people, community leaders, and the media, the Victorian Premier said, “much has to be learned from both sides of the partnership.”

The Premier detailed the challenges and opportunities to secure mutual benefits for both Victoria and India. He felt proud that 200,000 Indians have made Victoria their home and expressed his happiness over the success of the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne supported by the Victorian government.

On a question by SAT on the lack of a free trade agreement between Australia and India impacting business, Daniel Andrews said,” We have a clear strategy on India and we will update any development related to free trade issue in our strategy”

“The hard you work, the better you do,” he said.


“Meaningful engagement, use of personal relationships and creating long-term connections were key to the state’s proposed India strategy”, he said. The Premier will lead a big trade mission to India in January next year.

In his speech, Multicultural Minister Robin Scott said, ” The consolidation of Indian culture in Victoria is critical to its relationship with India.”


Outgoing Indian Consul General in Melbourne Manika Jain intervening during the Q-A session described her experiences here.

Hindi road signage possible along the Great Ocean Road


By Neeraj Nanda

Melbourne,7 September: The Victorian Minister for Roads & Road Safety Luke Donnellan today said an Indian language (possibly Hindi) might follow Mandarin and English, to alert international drivers to changed traffic conditions on the Great Ocean Road (GOR). The Minister was addressing a media conference at the Victorian Parliament along with Multicultural Minister Robin Scott.

New multilingual signs are being rolled out along the GOR to help international tourists safely navigate one of Victoria’s most popular tourist routes. About 25 different messages can be displayed and will be used during peak road work periods.

The innovative idea came from a road worker who was using his phone and Google Translate to communicate to some overseas tourists.

“The decision to start off with Mandarin was purely based on the fact that the largest number of tourists visiting the GOR were from China”, Robin Scott said answering to a question by the South Asia Times (SAT).

“The Andrews Labor Government has invested $53 million to make the Great Ocean Road safer, with roadside remediation works such as rock netting and retaining walls. This investment is on top of the $ 50 million State and Federal program of capital works and maintenance on the Great Ocean Road,” says a media release.

Victoria to appoint ‘South Asia Business Commissioner’ in Bangalore


By Neeraj Nanda

Melbourne, 12 June: Victoria has decided to go all out to woo business and trade relations with India and other South Asian countries. The state has decided to appoint a ‘South Asia Business Commissioner’ based in Bangalore. This was disclosed today by Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Hon. Philip Dalidakis at a media conference for ethnic media at the Parliament House.

“The Andrews Government is also preparing an India strategy,” he said.

The Trade Minister also said building their own wealth is good for new migrants. He also praised international students in Victoria for contributing so much and those going back to home becoming Australia’s Ambassadors in India. This he felt was a great contribution.

It was disclosed there are 175,000 international students in Victoria and it earned $ 7.1 billion from the international education sector.

Earlier, the Trade Minister was introduced by Multicultural Minister Hon. Robin Scott who detailed some of his initiatives including the international student travel discounts, a trade mission to China, Hamer scholarship program and helping companies enter the China market.

Celebrate diversity, not simply tolerate it, says Premier Daniel Andrews


‘Victorian. And proud of it.’ policy launched

By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, Sunday 19: The Victorian Premier Hon. Daniel Andrews today called upon the community to celebrate diversity, not simply tolerate it. He was launching along with Deputy Premier James Merlino, Minister for Multicultural Affairs Robin Scott and Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton who joined hundreds of community leaders at the Punt Road Oval to launch ‘Victorian. And proud of it’.

The new multicultural policy aims “to build on Victoria’s proud immigrant history and reaffirm the shared values that make us a stronger, safer and more harmonious community.”

“We are stronger for our diversity – but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. In the face of extremism and fear, we need to reaffirm what is most important to us.”
“Being a Victorian isn’t just about where you live. It’s about contribution and belonging, Premier Daniel Andrews said.”

The policy includes a series of initiatives to encourage Victorians – from all walks of life, all circumstances and all cultural backgrounds – to contribute and belong.

“Being a Victorian isn’t just about where you live. It’s about contribution and belonging.”
Quotes attributable to Deputy Premier James Merlino
“As a child of a migrant this is my family’s story – we are proud to have been an integral part of building this country.”

The policy is underpinned by the Victorian Values Statement, which articulates the values all Victorians should live by – one law for all, freedom to be yourself, discrimination is never acceptable, a fair go for all and that it is up to all of us to contribute.

A media release from the Premier Hon. Daniel Andrews office says, “Victorians are encouraged to read the stories of their fellow citizens on proud.vic.gov.au and share their own. To achieve a strong and cohesive Victoria, the Labor Government will:
- Ensure every Victorian knows their responsibilities and rights under the law through a $2.3 million awareness program
- Promote civil dialogue among Victorians and strengthen supportive social networks through a Right to Debate initiative
- Help young people avoid being manipulated and drawn to extremism by way of a Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship program
- Reduce discrimination in the delivery of a $1 million Anti-Racism Action Plan.”

A print and broadcast advertising campaign around ‘Victorian. And proud of it.’ will also begin today.

In his speech, Minister for Multicultural Affairs Robin Scott said, “To build a strong and fair society takes work, but we all deserve to enjoy the benefits of a dynamic and diverse
“We all have something to contribute. To foster everyone’s sense of belonging, so they feel pride in their home and their state, is one of the most important things government can do,” he said.

Andrews govt. joins community to protect the Racial Discrimination Act

Photo: SAT/NN.

By SAT News Desk

Melbourne, 7 December: The Andrews Labor Government today gave a powerful message to the Federal Government led by Hon. Malcolm Turnbull by welcoming a joint submission by 61 local community groups that calls for existing federal racial discrimination laws to be protected.

Minister for Multicultural Affairs Robin Scott today met with Victorian representatives from a number of multicultural, faith and Aboriginal community organizations to voice the Labor Government’s support for the Racial Discrimination Act.

Photo: SAT/NN.

A federal inquiry is currently being held into the efficacy of the Act and Section 18C, which deems it unlawful to “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate” based on a person’s race or ethnicity.

Together with the Premier Hon. Daniel Andrews, representatives of community groups and Government MPs, they demonstrated their unity with a symbolic linking of arms on the steps of the Victorian Parliament House.

The Daniel Andrews Government says it will make a submission soon emphasising the on-going contribution of multicultural and indigenous communities to Victoria, the need to protect individuals and communities from racial vilification.

“All Victorians – regardless of where they come from, the language they speak or the faith they follow – deserve strong legislative protections,” says a media release from the office of the Hon. Robin Scott, Minister of Finance and Multicultural Affairs.

It says, “In May 2014, then Multicultural Affairs Minister Matthew Guy said: “There should be no changes to the Federal, Racial Discrimination Act and we’ll be very, very clear in our submission to say so.

Like the previous state Liberal Government, we fully support the Act as it stands – and will continue to do so.”