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SAT EXCLUSIVE: Brightness of Kaabil overcomes darkness: Hrithik Roshan



By Neeraj Nanda

Hrithik Roshan’s latest movie ‘Kaabil’ is making waves on the box office. Directed by Sanjay Gupta, it has Yami Gautam as the leading lady with music by his father Rajesh Roshan. The 150 minutes’ movie in Hindi has English subtitles.

The blind leading pair fall in love, get married and a terrible tragedy strikes. Then the fire of vengeance is unstoppable. I caught up from Melbourne with Hrithik Roshan from Mumbai on the What’s App and he answered my questions about Kaabil, which he calls his best reviewed film.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: How was it playing a blind hero. Was it challenging?

A: Challenging, yes. It has a beautiful challenging script which leads to passion making it easy to act in the movie.

Q: Hrithik, while shooting actually the eyes can see but you posed as if they can’t. How did you manage that?

A: It was difficult. I practiced at home. I Blind folded myself and walked in the house. I did it every day.

Q: So, when you were practicing did you also fall down?

A: Yes, I did. Those who fall, learn to get up.

Q: Despite being a blind character, you gave a confident positive message, but Yami taking her own life gives a rather negative message. What do you say?

A: No, once you see the film you realise that our weakness can sometimes overcome us. We are all quite fragile. Adversity becomes tough. Yami comes from a small town and what happens is the reality. Rohan (Hrithik) then gives the message that the situation can be overcome. That is the brightness of Kaabil.

Q: How was it working with Yami?

A: The best co-star, I have worked in my life. She is simple and does not focus on herself. Instead, her focus is the entire movie.

Q: What is the message for blind couples who cannot see the movie?

A: In fact, the message is from the blind to all of us – don’t be afraid of darkness in your life. We all have some kind of darkness and the blind show us we can have the same potential as they have to fight darkness.

Q: In one scene you speak in Amitabh Bachchan’s voice. How could you manage it?

A: Practice led to that. Dubbing people say if you control your vocal cord muscle then you can utter anyone’s voice. I was able to do it.

Q: ‘Andha’ and ‘Andhi’ words used in the film. Aren’t they rude words?

A: These are labels. If I am blind and have lost my wife also blind, then I have to say I am ‘Andha’ and my wife is ‘Andhi’. There are no substitute words.

Q: Do you agree despite the love-rape-revenge theme this is a message film?

A: No, it is not. This is a beautiful entertaining movie. A unique concept film. In the cinema hall there was so much clapping after every dialogue. I enjoyed every bit of this film after my first movie ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hi”. This is my life’s big success and the best reviewed film.

“Might take break from films”, says Gurpreet Ghughi

Media conf
Photo: Kulbir CAM

By Neeraj Nanda

Melbourne, 29 July: Popular Punjabi film star, TV actor and singer, Gurpreet Ghuggi is all set for his political role in Punjab, after recently joining the Aam Admi Party (AAP). The veteran of many Punjabi TV shows and movies is confident he will work for the ‘happiness of Punjab’ in his new role, where state elections are due next year.

“I will fulfil the urges of the Punjab people but will not leave films”, he said answering to a question at the Thornbury Theatre during a media interaction. He also disclosed he might take a break from show business but will do a few movies as and when necessary.

Accompanied by Punjabi actor Gippy Grewal, the actor turned politician is in Melbourne to do a stage show “Desi Rockstar”.

“ Sakun mil raha hai (feel mentally peaceful) after joining politics and now want to give maximum to Punjab which has given me so much,” Ghuggi said.

On a question by SAT, Ghuggi agreed that acting in cinema and being in politics is helpful and at times they are complimentary.

“My goal in politics will be to make Punjab move ahead”, he said.

Gippy Grewal talked about his forthcoming movie ‘Lock’ which he co-stars with Gurpreet Ghuggi. “This will be a new type of Punjabi film with few actors and songs”, he said.

Both the actors agreed that the social media and You Tube have made people more conscious and movies are more scrutinised and commented by viewers.

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