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2016-17 budget for a strong & confident Victoria: Tim Pallas

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By SAT reporter

Melbourne, 4 May: The Victorian budget 2016-17 delivers sound economic management, delivering an estimated surplus of $ 2.9 billion, and an average surplus of $ 2.1 billion a year across the forward estimates, says Treasurer Tim Pallas.

Tim was speaking at a media conference in the Parliament premises with many other Ministers who detailed the budget outline of their portfolios and answered to pointed queries by media persons.

“Victoria remains in an enviable economic position with strong surpluses, jobs growth, and a secure triple-A credit rating.

Net debt and unemployment are both below the levels we inherited from the previous Liberal Government, “ he said.

Multicultural Affairs Minister, Robin Scott said the Andrews government provides an additional $24.3 million over four years for a range of initiatives to
strengthen our cultural diversity, social cohesion and support services for our multicultural community.

In response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence, Robin Scott said, “The Andrews Labor Government will invest $6.3 million over four years to better meet the needs of victims in family violence services and targeted prevention strategies for victims from culturally diverse backgrounds, by creating strong support networks and greater access to social services.”

Minister for Small Business, Trade and Innovation Philip Dalidakis said, “This Budget will provide payroll tax cuts for approximately 36,000 businesses across Victoria, with the payroll tax-free threshold lifted to $650,000 over the next four years.
By the time the measure is fully implemented, businesses with annual Victorian payrolls between $4.8 million and $31.5 million will have the lowest payroll tax burden anywhere in Australia.”

Earlier, on the budget day, Premier Daniel Andrews said, “This Budget reflects a strong and confident Victoria. We’re keeping our word, and delivering our election commitments.”

“We’re overhauling public transport, investing in roads, fixing schools and hospitals and we’re cutting taxes for businesses – we’re getting it done, “ he said.

- SAT News Service.