In 2019 there will be a UPA ++ Government: Sachin Pilot


By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, 27 July 2018: Congress leader and Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee boss, Sachin Pilot is confident the current Modi led NDA government in New Delhi will be replaced by a United Progressive Alliance (UPA) plus allies’ combination. Mr. Pilot was here with Mr. Milind Deora attending a meet and greet event organized by the Indian Overseas Congress, Australia.

The two leaders’ visit is being seen as a continuation of the earlier visit by Mr. Sam Pitroda, aimed at revitalizing the Congress party amongst the large Indian diaspora in Australia.

Replying to a pointed question by SAT, Mr. Pilot said, “The current Modi-led NDA regime is incompetent to rule and we have got a whole policy framework as an alternative; in 2019 there will be a UPA plus plus government.


In the last 30 years,’ no one in the Gandhi family has occupied the position of a Prime Minister, Chief Minister or a Minister. Don’t think Rahul Gandhi is now looking to occupy the top position. He is building the party, he is taking on the challenge of the BJP, and we don’t know what the future holds.”

“But the Congress will lead an opposition alliance and who will occupy what position, time will tell,” he said.

Asked by SAT to comment on the lynching incidents in India, Mr. Pilot said, “There are laws in the country including on cow slaughter. If anyone violates those laws the due process of law should take its own course. But it cannot be that on mere suspicion you attack and kill people in broad daylight.

Those convicted in lynching are being garlanded by political leaders. This our country cannot afford to have. “

Responding to SAT question as to why the Congress is not launching a nationwide agitation on the lynching issue, Mr. Pilot said, “We have taken it to the task. It is not just a Congress issue, but a human issue. As a political party, we are opposed to any sort of violence.

It’s a law and order issue, the state governments are supposed to look after it. The Congress and its President Mr. Rahul Gandhi have taken up the issue in the Parliament. We have protested against the violent nature of our politics and the people of India are seeing this happening and will give a befitting reply to it in the 2019 elections.

There were anti-social elements before also but these elements now have the courage to do these acts. The incumbent government will have to give a big price for it.”

Neeraj Nanda

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