India, we are with you: SBS South Asian programs Radiothon on 21 May in support of UNICEF Australia’s India COVID-19 Appeal


By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 19 May 2021: The SBS is all set to host a Radiothon on Friday 21 May, to raise money to support UNICEF Australia’s India COVID19 relief fund, and to share the message: “India, we are with you”,

Broadcasters and producers from SBS Radio’s South Asian programs will lead six hours of special
coverage via radio, Facebook Live, and online. The Radiothon will be presented in a mixture of English
and other languages,

Running from 4 pm-10 pm AEST, SBS’s Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bangla, Urdu, and other
language programs will bring audiences to live coverage from around Australia and India. The Radiothon
will include interviews with special guests, performances, and messages of support from famous faces,
including well-known singers and cricketers, around the globe.

David Hua, Director of SBS Audio and Language Content, said: “As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to
grip the world, many Australians are very worried about family and friends abroad, and are often
overwhelmed, not knowing what they can do to help. Sometimes knowing that something, however big
or small, is being done can ease that sense of helplessness. I hope that SBS’s Radiothon provides a way
for the community –especially Australians with Indian heritage –to feel connected through a common


Tony Stuart, UNICEF Australia CEO, said: “The dire situation in India and alarming increase in COVID-19
cases in South Asia are reverberating across the globe and are very close to our hearts here in Australia. We have seen an enormous outpouring of goodwill and the donation of critical funds which are already helping UNICEF to respond with lifesaving oxygen, vaccine delivery, and increased support for testing capacity. We thank the SBS community for their support.”

“Much more is needed as the outbreak continues to spread rapidly.”

Donations can be made via the UNICEF Australia

Listen to the SBS Radiothon, Friday 21 May, 4 pm-10 pm AEST via SBS Radio or the SBS Radio app.
Watch via an SBS language Facebook page by following any of these Facebook accounts: SBS Gujarati,
SBS Hindi, SBS Tamil, SBS Punjabi and SBS Malayalam.

Neeraj Nanda

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