SFF 2024: Titles from India

A view from ‘Paradise’. Photo- SFF.

By Neeraj Nanda


There are six Indian films at the Sydney Film Festival (SFF 2024, 5-16 June 2024). Four are movies and two are documentaries. All We Imagine As Light was the first Indian movie to be screened in the competition section at the Cannes 2024. Kill was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2023. Rapture was premiered at the Busan International Film Festival, 2023.  All information about and other movies at the SFF2024 can be accessed through www.sff.org.au

All We Imagine As Light

  • The first Indian film in 30 years to screen in the main competition at Cannes;
  • Directed by multi-award winning Payal Kapadia (A Night of Knowing Nothing, Afternoon Clouds) marking her narrative feature debut;
  • Stars multi-award winning actress Kani Kusruti (OK Computer, Biriyaani), Divya Prabha (Malik, Take Off) and Chhaya Kadam (Andhadhun, Jawan);
  • In Mumbai, Nurse Prabha’s life is disrupted by a gift from her estranged husband, impacting her and her roommate Anu’s personal lives.
  • A trip to a beach town allows them to find a space for their desires to manifest.
  • Focuses on two women grappling with personal and relational issues in a crowded city.
  • Language – Marathi, Hindi and Malayalam;
  • Sub Themes: Drama


  • Directed by Indian writer and filmmaker byNikhil Nagesh Bhat (Saluun, The Gone Game);
  • Stars Lakshya (Porus), Raghav Juyal (Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan), and Tanya Maniktala (A Suitable Boy);
  • A passenger train bound for Delhi becomes a battleground for survival when a ruthless gang of criminals boards and threatens the lives of everyone aboard;
  • In a deadly showdown that moves violently through the train’s compartments, the passengers must fight back to survive;
  • Influenced by the director’s own experiences of a heist upon a cross-country sleeper train;
  • Review – Variety;
  • Language – Hindi;
  • Trailer;
  • Sub Themes: Action, Thriller, Violence


•    Awarded Best Film at its World Premiere during the 28th Busan International Film Festival, 2023;

  • Stars Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran (The Elder One);
  • An Indian tourist couple arrive in the hill country of crisis-ridden Sri Lanka to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary. However, unexpected events lead to the revelation of cracks in their relationship;
  • Explores the identity and history of Sri Lanka, particularly during the recent crisis of 2022;
  • Investigates human emotions and relationships;
  • Language – English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Sinhalese;
  • Trailer;
  • Sub Themes: Drama, Mystery


  • The second movie from the trilogy directed by the Indian director Dominic Sangma after AMA;
  • Stars Handam Marak, and the director’s family members Balsrame A.Sangma, and Celestine K. Sangma;
  • In Meghalaya, Northeast India, within the Garo community, a tale unfolds of a ten-year-old boy with night His village is caught in fear as residents disappear, amid rumours of organ-trafficking kidnappers;
  • To make matters worse, a priest predicts a

world-engulfing darkness for 80 days, pushing the boy into a mystical realm after witnessing a pivotal event;

  • Delves into the complexities of human nature through themes such as human fears and cultural superstition;
  • Language –Hindi;
  • Trailer;
  • Sub Themes: Drama, Society, Culture


Flickering Lights

•    Screened as part of 2023’s Documentary Showcase in the 29th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF);

Wonder…) and Anirban Dutta (The Last Run);

  • Explores life in the small village of Tora as it awaits the arrival of electricity. Residents express a mix

of skepticism and excitement at the prospect

of illuminating their Christmas celebrations with bright lights for the first time;

  • Sheds light on how the Indian government has neglected the complete region, leaving it without electricity, running water or hospitals due to past rebellions;
  • Language – Tangkhul;
  • Trailer
  • Sub Themes: History, Politics


 Received the 2024 World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award at Sundance Film Festival;


Directed Anupama Srinivasan (I Wonder…) and Anirban Dutta (The Last Run);

  • In the dense forests of the Eastern Himalayan, moths are whispering a mysterious Under the cover of night, scientist Mansi and her indigenous assistant Bicki, illuminate this clandestine universe, unravelling the secrets convey by these enigmatic creatures;
  • A powerful and convincing documentary that urges us all to look more closely at the hidden interconnections of the natural world;
  • Flickering Lights, another film by Srinivasan and Dutta also screens as a part of SFF 2024;
  • Review: Variety;
  • Language – Hindi, English;
  • Sub Themes: Nature, Climate Change

Source- SFF, Sydney, Australia.

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By Neeraj Nanda

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