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Indian doctor couple banned in Oz from running aged nursing homes: Signed death certificate without autopsy

Approved provider status revoked An Adelaide company owned by a husband and wife doctor team has been prevented from running Commonwealth-funded nursing homes. Bresant Pty Ltd – owned and directed by Dr Jagdish Saraf and Dr Madhu Saraf – operated the Brighton Aged Care until March this year when the […]

Pak student sues for ‘slavery’: $200 for 158 hours security work: The Age

Ben Schneider July 7, 2008 AN INTERNATIONAL student who was paid just $1.26 an hour for more than 150 hours work as a security guard at the Australian Open tennis is suing several companies for being treated like a “slave”. Pakistani student Faisal Durrani, 23, who wants to become a […]

Student taxi drivers, visas and immigration

By Michaela Rost Melbourne: The 5000 mainly Indian international students working as part time taxi drivers face further hidden problems. Not only must they deal with “assault, abuse, fare evasion 12 hour shifts, poor security – all this for $8 an hour”, as The Age reported, but they are also […]

Cabbies upsurge floods Melbourne

“Taxi Rights – human rights” By Michaela Rost Melbourne: After being brutally stabbed within one centimeter of his heart, abandoned in a pool of blood for hours, suffering a punctured lung, heart failure for ten minutes, suspected brain damage and kept in an induced coma for several days, Indian student […]

Adelaide Indian cabbies rally after bashing, taxi theft

Dozens of taxi drivers today took out a rally outside the Adelaide Airport in a show of support for a Indian driver who was bashed and robbed on 17th May night. The noisy protest brought Adelaide to a standstill as the cabbies shouted, “We want justice”. Reports indicate that the […]