Australian activists condemn Adani’s links to the Myanmar military regime; Adani denies dealings with Myanmar army

Photo- Frontline Action on Coal

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 31 March 2021: Environmental activists in Australia have condemned Adani for their cooperation with the Myanmar military regime, this morning staging a picket outside Adani’s Abbott Point coal terminal. The activists displayed a banner saying – Adani in bed with Myanmar military. (see photo)

A report released yesterday (30 March 2021) by the Australian Centre for International Justice revealed Adani has allegedly paid over $US50 million to the military-aligned Myanmar Economic Corporation to lease land for its Yangon International Terminal. It also revealed that, though Adani last month denied ever having dealings with the Myanmar military, there is video footage of chief executive Karan Adani meeting and exchanging gifts with top general and accused war criminal Min Aung Hlaing.

Photo-Australian Centre For International Justice

The military regime overthrew the democratically elected Myanmar government in a coup on February 8th. Since then the military has killed over 500 protesters, including over 100 last weekend. The US government last week became the latest international organization to announce boycotts and sanctions against the regime.

Frontline Action on Coal spokesperson Andy Paine said “this should come as no surprise to those who have been following Adani’s operations in India or Australia. In both places, they have been criticized for abusing the human rights of indigenous people and for consistently lying to the public.

“Adani tries to paint itself as a good corporate citizen, but this once again shows them for what they are: a company that will put its profits ahead of all other considerations. That’s why people of conscience are opposing Adani’s projects from India to Australia. That’s why over 90 corporations have ruled out working on the Carmichael mine. That’s why Adani are ashamed to use their own name, instead of engaging in ludicrous rebranding exercises.

If Adani is serious about democracy and human rights, they should immediately pull out of their port in Yangon. And the Australian people should demand an end to Adani’s destructive Carmichael mine – to support those struggling for democracy in Myanmar, and to stop our climate from becoming the latest thing sacrificed for Adani’s profits.”

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