Punjab Govt. giving free medical kit to anyone Corona +ive and isolating at home, says recovered patient

List of stuff in the Medical kit and side photo of the medical kit box. Photos- Supplied

By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, 11 May 2021: The Punjab Government (India) is giving free medical kits to anyone who is tested COVID positive and isolating at home. Talking to SAT from Mohali, Mr. Dildar Singh, who and his wife have recovered after being virus-positive and 14 days isolation at home. The lady will finish her home quarantine at home tomorrow (12 May 2021). The couple’s son works in a Gold mine near Perth.

Medical kit given free by the Punjab Govt. Photo-Supplied

So, what is in the medical kit? It has 19 items in it. These are – Pulse Oximeter (to check Oxygen level), Digital Thermometer, Steamer, Hand Sanitizer 500 ml, Giloy Tablets, Vitamin C Lincee Tab, Vitamin D3, Vitamin Zinc tablets 50mg, Topcid 40 mg, Amunity Plus Liquid, Tab Doxycycline, Tab Ivermeetin, Dolo 650 mg, MultiVitamin Supplement Tab, Cough Syrup Alex 100ML, Betadyne Garlees, Levo Cetirizine Tab, Face Masks three-ply and Baloon Big Size.

Talking to SAT, Dildar said, ” Doctors & Staff from DC office make daily calls to enquire about health status, both through automated calls and in-person calls.

Dildar also disclosed that many of the COVID patients in Punjab are from neighboring states as there are no hospital beds available because of the surge in Corona positive cases.

Another side of the medical box Photo- Supplied

Dildar and his wife tested covid positive despite taking the jab and were informed about it on April 26 and 27, 2021 respectively.

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