PM ScoMo: Australia supports sharing Corona vaccine whoever finds it with other countries


By Neeraj Nanda

Melbourne, 12 May 2021: PM Scott Morrison today reteriated that during the course of the pandemic whoever finds the vaccine needs to share it with the rest of the world. He had last year said this at the UN session. The PM was answering to a question by the South Asia Times (SAT) asking Australia’s for Australia’s stand on India, South Africa’s demand with 100 countries asking for a temporary patent waiver on Corons vaccines.

The PM said, ” We are leading into this.I suppose, the process is being worked through the WHO and many countries have to be on board. And as the Prime Minister of Australia we have a great level of sympathy with it.” The PM was answering to questions by multicultural journalists during an online media conference on the 2021-22 Federal budget.

Commenting on the situatuation in India, PM Morrison said, ” I spoke to the Indian PM Narendra Modi about the serious challenges in India. It’s heart-breaking and we support the Indian people right across India. We understand that the immediate families of residents here caught up in the situation. And , will continue whatever support we can.”


On a question about opening Australia’s international border, the PM said, opening the international border is a hard decision to make. This security is maintained for the security of the country. Living the way we are is also good for our economy and that is why we need to secure our international border.

“I understand the difficulty of Australians overseas and the reality is we are living through thye worst pandamic in the century.

We want a liberal border system but it is not on the horizon now. We have to keep the country safe and that moves the economy.”

” Vaccinated Australians coming and going can be considered,” he said.

Earlier, during his budget opening remarks, PM Morrison said, our economy is strong and we have successfully fought the pandemic. The 2021-22 budget plan is for ‘recovery’, he said.

Link to all the Australian 2021-22 Budget papers.

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