Free Palestine rally in Melbourne attracts thousands (4 videos included)

Photo- SAT/NN

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 22 May 2021: Melbouranians from different communities and organizations expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people at a largely attended rally in front of the State Library here, criticizing Australia’s support to the occupation policies of the Israeli government and the killing of civilians in Gaza.

The crowd kept on swelling as more and more people emerged from the Melbourne Central Station and joined the already surging crowd. The Palestinian and flags from many other countries could be seen along with banners for a free Palestine and condemning Israeli attacks in Gaza which killed more than 200 Palestinians. Similarities of Australia being a stolen land from the Aborgonies and Palestine stolen from the Palestinians were made.

One prominent speaker described Netanhayu’s policies as the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The crowd shouted Free Palestine, Free Palestine and condemned the Israeli settlements policies in occupied territories.

Prominent speakers called upon the Australian government to stop supporting the Israeli policies of occupation of Palestine and attacks on civilians by the Israeli Defence Force.

We are for Palestine and Free Palestine were popular slogans in the rally. It looked as if the whole of Melbourne had poured in the Central Business District to support the Palestinian cause.

The rally attracted people from different organizations as apart from the Palestinian flags one could also see red flags carried by the leftist organizations. The colourful rally later marched in the nearby roads as people on the road sides cheered them in support.

The rally, in fact, came out as the festival of Palestine and gave the message to the Israeli government that the world was against its policies of the illegal occupation of Palestine.

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