Khushali’s world of Imagination

Khushali Kumar

Khushali Kumar

From Rajeev Sharma in New Delhi

Khushali Kumar-This innocent looking beautiful girl is an innovative fashion designer from India..At the age of 24 Khushali has registered her work in the fashion world.She has taken late Gulshan Kumar’s inheritance from sound studio to fashion ramp.Khushali kumar is daughter of T-Series founder Gulshan kumar.After graduating from Nift,she formed her label”Imagine with Khushali Kumar“in year 2004.Catering to women with individuality,leadership qualities,a force she believes every woman has a leader in herself with power to change and everyone to follow.I met the young designer at her New Delhi residence when she was about to leave for a mega fashion event in London.
Why a career in fashion designing-When I was a school going kid I used to play with Mom’s chunni and make small clothes out of it for my Dolls.Colourful dresses always attracted me.It was like a passion for me and my parents realised this.Later on I decided to make my career in fashion designing and took admission in NIFT(New Delhi).I grew among artists from film industry but never wanted to be an actor.Although I acted in a religious film at the age of 14 but it was not exacly my choice.
Papa loved and encouraged me-My father was a sensative soul. He was never harsh on anybody. Whenever my Mom tried to be strict on us on some issue, he was always on our side.He never discouraged his children on the issue of career.We were like free birds.I still remember we always spent our New Year eves on Mata Vaishnow devi’s Bhawan in Katra.My mother still goes there every month.(remembering those moments, there were tears in Khushali’s eyes)
Fashion designing in films-T-Series recent production Om Shanti Om was a great success but I never ever tried my hands in films fashion designing.Fashion work for a film is entirely a different task and I keep myself away from it.
Love to put India in my work-In my designs one can feel the touch of Indian art and traditions.Rich colours and variety of art work is my first choice.
Ritu Kumar is great-I personally like Ritu Kumar’s work in fashion Industry.Even I myself not hesitate to experiment with western and Indian fusion work.
Film Industry’s support-My father’s work in the film Industry is priceless.Today’s big stars like Shahrukh ji ,Akshay Kumar and Sonu Nigam always pay respect to my mother and still with us.
Great Chemistry with Husband-It was a love cum arrange marriage.He is from an Arya Samaj family and a reputed businessman from Delhi.My husband always supports me on every issue.

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