‘Constitution Day’ celebrated at Indian Consulate Melbourne

Photo: SAT/NN

By SAT News Desk

Melbourne, 26 Nov: The constitution of the world’s biggest democracy- India, was today celebrated and discussed at the Indian Consulate here. Known as the ‘Constitution Day’ it is celebrated each year on 26 November. On this date after deliberations and debates in the constituent assembly for three years it was adopted in 1949 and India became a Republic on 26 January 1950.

Indian Consul Manika Jain introduced the important articles of the Constitution dealing with equality, social justice and freedoms. She explained how the Indian Constitution framed under the leadership of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar is a living constitution and the Keshva Nand Bharti Case in the Supreme Court in 1973 laid down the ‘basic structure’ of the constitution which cannot be amended. This, she said, laid the principle that the Indian Constitution is supreme and social justice is the corner stone of the Constitution.

The gathering was also addressed by Mr, John Moleny of Deakin University who outlined the basic features of the Indian Constitution. He also said the Deakin University has strong links with India and 2,000 Indian students now study in it.

Mr. Pawan Singh of the Australia India Institute detailed how the Supreme Court of India and other courts by interpreting the Indian Constitution gave equal rights to trans genders, gays, lesbians and bar dancing girls of Maharashtra.

Mr. Harjinder Mahajan also gave a summary of the social justice and secular credentials of the Indian Constitution.

A documentary ‘Tanna Bana’ was screened before the speeches and a lively Q-A session took place after the speakers presentations.

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