Shilpa Storms Australia

By Neeraj Nanda Melbourne: Shilpa Shetty, 31, fresh from the Big Brother and Richard Gere kiss controversy, plays a bored, caring, loving and typical Indian woman in ‘Life in a Metro’(Inspired from the 1960 Oscar winning black and white movie ‘The Apartment’)released recently. “She is also human”, says Shilpa Shetty. […]

150 th anniversary of 1857 – India’s first war of independence

By Neeraj Nanda Melbourne:India and the world are celebrating the 150th anniversary of 1857 – India’s first war of independence. The British colonialists called it a mutiny. The revolt by sections of the British India Army supported by many local rulers in 1857 was a historical start that culminated into […]

Bally Sagoo: Punjabi munda with a mix of Bhangra, hip hop and Bollywood

By Neeraj Nanda Melbourne: Bally Sagoo, the dynamic Punjabi boy from UK is the heart throb of desi music lovers all over the world. Sagoo performed in Melbourne live at Metro on 27th April and won the hearts of music lovers. Known as the ‘The godfather of bhangra’, he was […]



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