Racist bosses no surprise: ANU

New research by Australian National University showing that Australian employers are racist is disappointing, but hardly surprising.
The ANU study, reported in The Age newspaper on 18 June, supported the findings of Harnessing Diversity: addressing racial and religious discrimination in employment, the report published last year by the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human

Rights Commission and the Victorian Multicultural Commission.
Independent research quoted in Harnessing Diversitydetailed racist attitudes, racial discrimination and harassment in workplaces experienced by people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

The study showed that when job applicants changed their names on their resumes from Arabic-sounding to more Anglo-sounding names, they suddenly experienced much more success in gaining interviews.

“The Commission made a number of practical recommendations in the Harnessing Diversity report to change workplace racism, and is actively working with government and industry to make this happen,” said Dr Helen Szoke, Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.

“Victoria’s anti-discrimination legislation and government policies are excellent signposts. But for many migrants, the land of the fair go will remain an illusion until everyone – including employers – see human rights and anti-discrimination as realities not remote concepts,” she said.


Dr Szoke said that most of the complaints of discrimination handled by the Commission are in the area of employment, and many of those complaints involve disability, sex, race or age.

“We encourage people who feel they are being treated unjustly to contact the Commission, which is easily accessible through our telephone line and interpreter services. This is especially relevant to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, who are more likely to experience discrimination based on race,” she said.

Contact the Victorian Human Rights Commission Advice Line on (03) 9281 7100 or visit: www.humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au

– Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission eUpdate, 19 June

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  1. you dont own the company ,you dont pay the wages , yet you pick who you feel like based on their ethnicity . you are probably some fat overweight racist sack of shit who could not get laid in an asian brothel and then pick on some poor soul because you can … you stole the country from the abo’s loser

  2. I applaud you. A fine example of a Racist employer… Well said!

    Australia welcomes you to the door but not to their homes.

  3. It makes me sick that these people use our legal services to attack patriotic aussies who just want quality workers for their companies, why don’t they just accept it they are not wanted and stop with this legal facade, against good aussie businesses it only damages those trying to do what is in the nations best interests i think more aussies need to complain about how these people abuse our legal system to attack our local businesses that have the right to choose who they do and don’t want to employ

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Neeraj Nanda

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