Drum Theatre Digital: Home Delivery

Presented by Giselle Mery and Shamar Morrison

Knock knock – here is your ‘Home Delivery’ from the Drum Theatre. Welcome to our new online project that delivers innovative and new arts programs straight to the comfort of your home. Featuring a series of hand-picked local artists, Home Delivery will connect you with new artists, perspectives and experiences.

Our very first Home Delivery is presented by Giselle Mery and Shamar Morrison. Enjoy this creative dance piece and follow the artists on Facebook via @dhq_gizzmery and @outandbad_dancestudios, or on Instagram via @dhq_gizzmery @rastahuxx_flame_team @rastahuxx @outandbad_dancestudios.

The next Home Delivery is releasing on Wednesday 16 September. Follow us on Facebook to be the first one to watch the video.

Source- Drum Theatre Digital, 14 September 2020.

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