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Rocky & Gurminder.Photo- Supplied.

MELBOURNE 20 February 2024: I met Rocky and Gurminder at the India in Victoria, one day festival in Altona on 17 February, 2024. Little did I know these young men are on a mission to help Australians to create wealth through data-driven real-estate investments. Despite, I not being that eager on the subject, they impressed me with their determination and vigour. They said the aim was to secure a viable financial future for new and other migrants. To make this a reality, they run The Realta – Property Buyers Agency. It is this Agency whose stall they were managing at the festival.

This story took off with Rocky Rana, the founder of The Realta, who was working in the IT department at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. He realised that relying solely on superannuation funds during retirement might pose a challenge. Determined to explore alternative options, he began learning about investing in Australian real estate using data. Rocky recognized that data, being unbiased, provided reliable insights into market trends and opportunities. With dedication and hard work, he built his own impressive million-dollar investment
portfolio, securing the financial future of his family.

Motivated by his success and armed with a deep understanding of the real estate market, Rocky made the bold decision to leave his corporate job. He joined Ray White Real Estate as a selling agent, where he excelled in his role, successfully selling numerous properties and ensuring his seller clients received top dollar for their assets. Throughout this journey, Rocky noticed a significant gap in support for property buyers. While sellers had the assistance of selling agents, buyers often lacked the same level of guidance.

Gurminder, Matt Fregon, Member of Parliament, Neeraj Nanda & Rocky Rana at the Realta stall at the India in Victoria festival. Photo- Supplied.

Together, Rocky and Gurminder assembled a team dedicated to provide personalised support and guidance in the buying process.

“The Realta team understands that investing in real estate can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the market. They aim to simplify the process and empower buyers with data-driven insights and expert advice, ” Rocky and Gurminder told the South Asia Times (SAT).

They added. ” For property investors seeking guidance, The Realta offers valuable information on the hottest locations to invest across Australia based on the budget of the investor client. By analysing market trends and growth areas, the team can recommend potential investment opportunities tailored to individual needs and goals.”

In a way, Rocky and Gurminder’s journey proves success in real estate investment is attainable. With their shared vision and dedication, they are committed to supporting individuals in achieving their financial dreams. As partners, they make a positive impact.

One can safely say, The Realta – Property Buyers Agency stands as a transparent trusted resource for property buyers. Using data-driven solutions and personalised support, the two, assisted by their team are ready to assist people to make informed decisions for building wealth through real estate.

If you are planning to be a property investor and seeking advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Realta for guidance on the hottest investment locations across Australia. The best way to start off is to access information through their website or email or call them.

Contacts :

Rocky Rana:

Gurminder Singh:

Phone 1800 REALTA or 1800 732 582


By Neeraj Nanda

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