Gaura Travel’s weekly instalments payment option for India air fare

MELBOURNE, 18 April 2024: To make it easy to fly home more often, Gaura Travel has introduced a convenient payment plan option for flight fares to India. Customers can now book their flight tickets to India with just a 5% deposit and pay the remaining amount through small weekly instalments.

Booking travel often entails facing hefty upfront expenses, especially as costs tend to escalate the longer one waits. At Gaura Travel, this burden is removed by locking in today’s rates, enabling customers to pay the remainder in instalments.

Life’s expenses can be challenging to balance, especially when factoring in travel aspirations. At Gaura Travel, the platform is designed to seamlessly integrate travel dreams into regular budgeting, offering multiple city options, a variety of airlines to choose from, and shorter transit times.

The payment plan is crafted to be fair and accessible to all, without relying on credit scores. With over 17 years of dedicated service to the Indian community in Australia, Gaura Travel has facilitated connections for over 20,000 families with their loved ones in India.

Starting from just $519, Gaura Travel offers exclusive flight deals to India. Their round-the-clock Customer Care executives are available to assist you in finding the best deals online. Once you’ve selected your desired flight, they provide flexible payment options, allowing you to lock in today’s price with a small deposit and spread the remaining cost through weekly payments.

Key Benefits of Gaura Travel’s Payment Plan:

  • Fully paid flight before travel
  • No credit checks required
  • Instant approval with a $20,000 limit
  • Up to 26 weekly payments available

This new payment option is beneficial for families planning expensive overseas flights. Those interested can contact the 24/7 Call Centre at 1300 359 463 to book the next trip and enjoy stress-free travel planning with Gaura Travel.

All info – or call Customer Care team at 1300 359 463.


By SAT News Desk

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