PREVIEW of 1232 KMS (Disney-Hotstar) – Vinod Kapri’s lockdown saga of 7 migrant workers returning to Bihar village


By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 22 March 2021: One year down one of the biggest migrant saga since 1947, India’s COVID-19 lockdown with just 4 hours notice took place triggering an exodus of thousands of migrants who travelled to their villages facing unprecedented hurdles. It was a human tragedy never seen before. This documentary directed by Vinod Kapri brings the plight of seven workers who walked to their village in Saharsa Bihar from Delhi. The Director traveled with these migrants as they cycled the long journey home. The Music is by Vishal Bhardwaj and lyrics by Gulzar. Vishal Bhardwaj in a Tweet says,” No road is long enough when it leads to home”.

The Music is by Vishal Bhardwaj and lyrics by Gulzar.

In a statement (quoted in the Indian Express) Vinod Kapri says, “2020 has been an eye opener for the entire world, and the journey of these migrants as they undertook the longest route to return home taught me the biggest lesson i.e smallest of help in the time of need can go a long way and save lives. When I got to know about these seven men, I wanted to help and capture their journey in order to make people aware of their plight. Traveling with them, as they cycled for about 16 hours and covered almost 160 kms every single day for one week, and seeing the ordeals of all the others like them who were experiencing the same, was a life changing experience for me. We are really honoured to showcase their struggles through 1232 Kms releasing on Disney+ Hotstar VIP for everyone to see.”


The documentary will start streaming on Disney-Hotstar on 24 March 2021.

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