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Kashmiri Pandits: A community in exile finds its voice through poetry

For while the taps run dry, Here in exile, Vitasta (Jhelum) is only a memory- Subhash Kak In their poetry, the Kashmiri Pandit poets engage with the multitude of experiences which emanate from their exodus and their subsequent life as migrants. By Basharat Shameem Having been in exile for more […]

The global shift to the Right

No matter how successful the right may be in the short-run in mobilizing people around a divisive agenda, it is incapable of leading them out of the current economic crisis. It is only the left that can provide a way out. By Prabhat Patnaik We often miss this aspect in […]

Truth vs Misinformation: IFJ launches 17th South Asia Press Freedom Report

IFJ: “This 17th annual review of journalism in the region, Truth vs Misinformation: The Collective Push Back charts the challenges, triumphs and, most importantly, the solidarity of this region’s brave and determined media community over the past year. While battered by the ugly game-changing rise of fake news and the […]

Dolly’s book uses ethnographic prism to analyse socio-economic complexity of northeast India

Photo: SAT/NN MELBOURNE, 28 May 2019: ‘Living with Oil and Coal – Resource Politics and Militarization in Northeast India’ by Dolly Kikon was released today at the Australia India Institute (AII), Melbourne University. Among those present included Dr. Erin Fitz-Henry, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology and Development Studies, […]

The legacy of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar (Watch Video)

Source: People’s Dispatch.