FIAV bats for empowering women

VMC Commissioner Vivienne Nyugen facilitated at the event. Photo- SAT/NN.

MELBOURNE, 7 May 2023: Gender Equality (GE) as an important tool for empowering women as a smart move, and the right thing to do was discussed by women entrepreneurs at a community forum organised by the Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria (FIAV) today. Held at the Hughesdale Community Centre, Hughesdale, the network cum interactive sessions at the forum attracted true believers from across Melbourne.

Photos – SAT/NN.

Latha Alugadda, Telugu Association of Australia Inc (TAAI) President in her presentation emphasised the need to start the empowerment drive from home. Issues of gender equality, she said, could be well addressed by listening to our children as they were much embedded better than us to tackle issues, making a change starting at home. She also gave the example of the TAAI where  around fifty per cent of the office bearers were women. Latha’s ‘We and GE’  powerpoint presentation vividly reflected the  needed focus on empowering women.

Anu Krishnan talked about prevalence of violence in our community, types of family violence, power-control and what constituted domestic violence among other related issues. Her points looked helpful for drawing strategy outlines for gender equality.

Anu Krishnan’s presentation on ‘Family Violence, Support Pathways and Outcomes’ explained the subject in detail with examples engulfing society.

Chris Mallika Bhadra (Coconut Chats) in ‘Journey of Migrant Women’ presentation said it is essential for men to talk about women’s empowerment. On a question by SAT, Chris said, all violence including domestic is gender neutral, but added, stats reveal the overwhelming extent of women as victims.

In between, an interesting virtual interactive session of ‘Mind and Brain’ exercises  by Shilpa Mehta from the United States  was a welcome relief. Earlier, the event’s welcome speech by Usha Gulapalli – Vice President FIAV initiated the day’s program.

Vivienne Nyugen, Victoria’s Multicultural Commissioner in her address appreciated the FIAV efforts for organising the event. Sury Soni – President FIAV, in his vote of thanks noted the high interest taken in subject and talked of more FIAV programs for women’s empowerment. 

The event laced with Q-A with speakers was a good and vibrant networking opportunity for the community and was successful in pinpointing the focus issues and possible solutions.

By SAT News Desk

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